Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More for American Gigolo!

Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More for American Gigolo! ...

The upcoming drama series, American Gigolo, is based on the famous 1980 film that goes by the same name and was directed by Paul Schrader. The series includes David Hollander, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, and KristieAnne Reed. The television adaptation will bring to the plate the same level of satisfaction, thrill, and entertainment as it was described in the original film. Keep reading for more information about the future events in American Gigolo.

Plot and Cast of American Gigolo

Julian Kaye, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempting to escape his bad relationships with Michelle, his former girlfriend, his unsettling mother, and other individuals who went behind his back. While Julian attempts to get his life back on track after a decade and half years of prison, Detective Sunday takes to himself to reveal the truth about the murder case that resulted in Julian's imprisonment and discovers links that are seemingly a part of a larger conspiracy.

Jon Bernthal plays Julian Kaye, Gabriel LaBelle, Michelle, Rosie ODonnell as Detective Sunday, Lizzie Brochere as Isabelle, and Leland Orser as Richard Stratton in the guest cast of the show. Wayne Brady joins Lorenzo and Laura Liguori as Elizabeth Shannon House.

Release Date for American Gigolo

On Showtime on September 11, 2022 and Sunday, American Gigolo will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Each episode of the show will be released on a weekly basis.

Trailer for American Gigolo

Check out the official American Gigolo trailer by clicking on the link below.

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