According to reports, the Broncos have signed a RB from the Cowboys

According to reports, the Broncos have signed a RB from the Cowboys ...

Getty is being relegated to the United Kingdom.

The Dallas Cowboys' quarterback, JaQuan Hardy, is carrying the ball.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Pro Football Network, JaQuan Hardy, a running back, has signed with the Denver Broncos.

Hardy was signed to the Dallas Cowboys after starting the season on the practice squad. Later, he played three games; on four occasions, he scored 29 yards and a touchdown.

In July, the Cowboys ruled out Hardy.

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The Broncos continue to piling up in the past.

According to Mike Klis, Tyreik McAllister, a rookie running back, left practice on Tuesday due to an injury.

According to our 9NEWS photojournalist group, the rookie running back Tyreik McAllister entered the locker room unwell. #9sports

The coach of Nathaniel Hackett identifies the injury as a hamstring injury.

Hckett sid, According to Ellie Kinney, We are going to evlute them right now. Were going to work through tht nd see where we re, sid Ben. Bens hd history, wht I ws told, nd then [No. 39 [McAllister] ws hmstring.

Dmre Crockett, a running bck for the Broncos, had a seson-ending ACL injury the week before.

Prior to signing Hrdy, the Broncos' ctive roster consisted of just four helthy running bcks: Jvonte Willims, Melvin Gordon III, Mike Boone, and Mx Borghi.

The Broncos have launched a 53-million roster with four running bcks lst yer. Boone hs good chnce of mking the roster, nd Willims nd Gordon re given. So, Hrdy, McAllister, and nd Borghi might be battling for the finl roster spot.

McAllister ws the fourth running bck on the Broncos' first unofficil depth chrt of the seson, which ws mde public on Tuesdy. We do not yet know the extent of his injury, nd the Broncos signing of Hrdy my portend bd news for McAllisters future with the tem.

In the event tht McAllister is injured, Borghi may be the fvorite. Prior to Hrdy, he ws signed, nd during minicmp, and offensive coordinator Justin Outten gushed bout him.

Outten told Klis, I thought he did some fantastic things. Hes ptient ndhs good switch. As soon as s tht lne opens, he pops it. He took some good precutionry mesures s well.

Hrdy remains to keep an eye on, though. Compred to McAllister nd Borghi, he hs more NFL experience, nd in his limited ction lst seson, he showed promise.

Lloyd Cushenberry III is the offensive line's top performer.

This offseson, Lloyd Cushenberry III, who has a backlog in his third yer, is manifesting some positive energy. Cushenberry hs been dubbed the offensive lines MVP thus fr in trining cmp, ccording to defensive tckle DeShwn Willims.

Willims told Ellie Kinney that he excels in his defense, but he ws tremendous help this offseson when he wrestled with Russ. Whtever the rumors that he might lose his position were, I bet [tht] kind of drove him to secure it.

Lst seson and Cushenberry defended their promise in pss protection, erning the PFF's blocking grde of 71.3. This seson, lets hope he cn step up his lead.

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