I'm being slammed by that kind of despisity

I'm being slammed by that kind of despisity ...

Romelu Lukaku, a striker for Inter Milan, spoke out about his improbable debut season at Chelsea last season, declaring that it was a difficult time for him.

After his 97.5 million club record return to the Blues, Lukaku scored 64 goals for the club, helping them win the Serie A championship in 202021.

The 29-year-old gave an insight into what he found following his move to Stamford Bridge to DAZN (via Football Italia).

My ability to perform even better than I had earlier in Chelsea. I believe that after a year, everyone has forgotten what I am capable of doing on the field. I have a certain kind of rage inside of me. Since the team now has it, even though it didnt win last year, we all hope to improve and bring something home.

He continued:

I believe that tht prior to leving, I descended to exct revenge on Chelse becuse, when I ws younger, they were my tem for 11 yers. When I hd the chnce to return, I believed I would be hiled s hero, but I kept bckt first; however, s the seson cme to close, the club nd I performed dmirbly. I wnt again here.

Lukku was dded:

I've rereflected on the seson, but fter the finl gme, I've given myself some time to consider my circumstnces. While I was still plying for Inter, I praised the point; however, my time t Chelse ws chllenging. I decided to return here becuse I hd no doubts bout it.

The Belgin scored 15 gols and added two assists for the west London tem on Sturdy, August 13. When Inter plys Lecce in the Serie A opener, he is nticipted to get the strt.

This summer, Chelse is looking for Pierre-Emerick Aubmeyng.

Brcelon reportedly offered Chelse forward Pierre-Emerick Aubmeyng, ccording to Independent. According to the report, Thoms Tuchel, the mnger of the Blues, is open to the ide of replacing former Borussi Dortmund forwrd once more.

Aubmeyng hs tllied 13 gols nd one ssist in 23 ppernces cross matches. Prior to tht, he hd a successful four-yer run in London, where he contributed to 16 ssists nd 68 gols over the course of 128 legue gmes.

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