Kevin Federline, according to Britney Spears, was trayed by placing kids drama in the public eye

Kevin Federline, according to Britney Spears, was trayed by placing kids drama in the public eye ...

Britney Spears' relationship with her sons Sean Federline, 16, and Jayden Federline, 15, was not something she intended to discuss in public. However, a recent interview with Kevin Federline, the boy's father, revealed that the family drama was now public knowledge. This is because, according to a source, [Britney] wants to keep her kids drama out of the spotlight because this is sacred to her. Kevin's conduct of this interview demonstrates to her that he has no respect for her.

According to a second source, Britney has no idea why Kevin decided to make this information public. Britney is happier than she has ever been, and she wishes her loved ones could be happy for her, including her boys. She has done everything she can to be the best mother to them, more than anything in the world. She believes that other people may have influenced her opinion of her, which is unfair.

On August, the drm begn. 6, when detils bout Britney and the boys from Kevins interview with ITV strened to circulte. Those teengers, who lso skipped their mothers wedding to Sm Asghri in June, hve decided they re not seeing [Britney] right now, Kevin sid. They hvent saw her in months. They decided ttending her wedding.

Kevin sserted tht they had lonely chosen to distaste themselves in the prt due to Britneys intimte Instgrm posts. However, ccording to our source, Britney has no intention of ending her usul mteril. She spent the lst 13 years of her life [in conservtorship] nd ws told wht to do in every move. This is the first time she has been free.

tht Kevin wore a kiss while sying tht Jmie Spers hd intervened to sve the singer. After 13 years, the conservtorship ws ended in November. 2021. My first source dded, tht Kevin said strongly about Jmie. Right now, nobody cn relly grasps his true motivtions.

Britney responded on Instgrm when the word of Kevins interviewwho hsnt been revised in its entirety. My ex-husbnds decision to tlk bout the reltionship between me and my children sddens me. It's not easy for nyone, but I find it worrying tht the reson is returned to my Instgrm. Long before Instgrm existed.

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