You have the eyes of a hawk if you see the owl hiding in the woods

You have the eyes of a hawk if you see the owl hiding in the woods ...

CAN YOU SEE the owl playing a hide-and-seek game?

The feathers of the owls blend in with the tree bark, so that it is hidden in the canopy.

It's a small owl formerly known as an African Scops owl, which is unique to sub-Saharan Africa.

It's almost impossible to see how long it lasts.

The photos taken by Roan Du Plessis, a safari guide at & Beyonds Ngala Safari Lodge, a game reserve in South Africa, where he lives and works.

Roan took the photos in 2016 to show guests at the safari park how adept the reserve trackers are in collecting animals.

he stated that he is working as a luxury safari guide.

Although I do not consider myself a professional photographer, the possibilities I have to take incredible photos are endless.

While on safari with visitors, I wanted to show off the trackers outstanding animal detection skills.

These intelligent creatures, who have evolved to blend in with the trees, spend Roans' whole life in their company.

I like how the photographs are combined and colored, and how it demonstrates how these weak predators may be able to blend in.

Since this is a typical behavior for the Scops owl, it's not unlikely that I would be able to capture more photos similar to this one. But, for the time being, he continued.

Still having trouble finding the owl?

If you close your ttention to the imges center, you may be bleak to see it.

The Africn owl is virtully invisible becuse it is so expertly cmouflged.

When you look closer, you'll cn up to see the birds outline, but this tiny creture has hs been causing people to crammed.

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