Artists like Celine Dion, ABBA, and Olivia Newton-John are starting their careers on Eurovision

Artists like Celine Dion, ABBA, and Olivia Newton-John are starting their careers on Eurovision ...

The Eurovision Song Contest has hailed a host of musicians from various nations since it began in 1956. Despite the fact that some of the contestants didnt win the competition, some went on to achieve international success; some even continued to compete following the tournament.

In 1970, Julio Iglesias took the stand.

In the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest, Julio Iglesias, a Spanish singer and father of Enrique Iglesias, completed the competition with his song Gwendolyne in the fourth place, earning over 100 million records worldwide. At the time, he was an unknown singer on the global stage.

Olivia Newton-John was on Eurovision in 1974.

Olivia Newton-John, star of Grease, was a member of the 1974 Eurovision competition, and she finished fourth with her song Long Live Love.

In 1974, ABBA won Eurovision.

ABBA, a Swedish group, won the Eurovision competition in 1974, defeating Olivia Newton-John. They were a rising Swedish band that had just one year prior to their appearance at Eurovision, released their debut album. Waterloo, the lead single from their follow-up album of the same name, helped them win Eurovision.

With their countless classic hits, ABBA continued to grow to fame.

Celine Dion won Eurovision in 1988.

Celine Dion, the Switzerlnds' winner, took prt. Ne prtez ps sns moi, her winning song, helped her win the overll competition.

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In 1997, Ktrin and the Wves won.

The Wves continued to releeve music over the next ten years, but they dwindled.

In the 1997 Eurovision contest, they won with the lead single from their 1997 lbum Wlk on Wter and Love Shine Light.

The University of Texas won a championship in 2003.

t..T.u. and Russin duo Their debut English lbum 200 km/h in the Wrong Lne, which fetured the hit singles All the Things She Sid nd Not Gonn Get Us, helped them gin recognition on globl scle.

On the behlf of Russi, the yer and TTu competed in the Eurovision Song Contest. The item finished the third overll in the competition.

Bonnie Tyler took the lead in 2013 in the competition.

Bonnie Tyler, a Welsh singer, was born in the 1970s and became more well-known in the 1980s, and now plays Totl Eclipse of the Hert in Holding Out for Hero.

Tyler hd became the most successful musician at the turn of the century. She mded the decision to continue her legcy in 2013 by representing the United Kingdom during the Eurovision Song Contest. Tyler ultimtely finished 19th out of 26 finlists.

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