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ChannelWorks announced the launch of ChannelView Platform for Partners and Customers

ChannelWorks announced the launch of ChannelView Platform for Partners and Customers

ChannelWorks, the leading channel-only IT asset lifecycle provider, announced its ChannelView platform on Sept. 14, 2021. The company's channel works on the horizon, a proprietary platform designed for channel partners and their end This new platform was developed in response to ChannelWorks' continued commitment to help partners increase their recurring revenue opportunities by incorporating customer data centers and allowing end users to control more of their IT assets.

ChannelView simplifies management of assets and maintenance contracts by organizing all data center-related information in a single, comprehensive place. It provides partners insight into the renewal cycle of each customer, allowing them to view assets that are approaching EOSL and offer customer recommendations. Additional features allow partners to view customer contracts, whether that contract was issued by the partner, an OEM, VAR, or an reseller, as well as offering whitelabeled MaaS (Marketing as a Service) and business

As a result, the platform gives valuable insight into all maintenance contracts and assets within their estate, giving them the ability to submit support tickets and view assets approaching EOSL. ChannelView gives end users complete control of their assets by offering the option of upgrading, prolong the life or dispose of each asset, saving time, money and frustration.

"ChannelView was built to drive value to both channel partners and the end user," said Scott Luce, CEO of ChannelWorks. We designed this platform to simplify the maintenance and IT administration of all data centers. This tool will help partners control their customer accounts more and help them discover cross-sell and up-selling opportunities to increase their recurring revenue. It has never been easier to manage their IT assets for end users.

ChannelWorks partners have already begun to experience the unique benefits of the ChannelView Platform. "What sets ChannelView apart from other portals is the visibility it gives to my Velocity team members and customers. It helps us manage maintenance contract renewal, reminds the sales team of critical events and is highly valuable in the recommendations it provides. "For Velocity customers, ChannelView provides visibility and helps them manage the entire lifecycle of their assets, from purchase to disposition. ChannelView has truly simplified the business.

About ChannelWorks Channel Works About. ChannelWorks provides complete IT asset lifecycle support, primarily serving the IT channel. ChannelWorks supports partners and their end users by providing affordable, alternative solutions for the entire IT lifecycle.

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