According to Nnamdi Okafor, Rosario Dawsons reportedly had a new boyfriend following Cory Booker's split

According to Nnamdi Okafor, Rosario Dawsons reportedly had a new boyfriend following Cory Booker's s ...

Rosario Dawson appeared to confirm that she was married to Nnamdi Okafor in February. On August 7, the 43-year-old Rent actress praised her new love for one another while attending a golf cart. She also added a fiery heart emoji. Find all you need to know about Nnamdi here!

1. Nnamdi is a professional communications person.

Despite the fact that many of his social media accounts are not readily accessible to the general public, Nnamdis' LinkedIn profile is characterized as a philanthropic strategist and consultant. Both his current positions are listed as CEO and Organization Manager for VSN Management, and Executive Director of Strategic Engagement and Resource Acquisition at the California State University-Dominguez Hills.

The second California State University in the United States was the subject of his study.

Despite the fact that one of his positions is with a CSU college, Nnamdi appears to have double majored in Afro-Ethnic Studies and Criminal Justice, earning bachelor of arts degrees in both areas.

3. He practises in numerous chritble orgniztions.

Nnmdi hs had a wide rnge of positions, but it's evident that he is extremely pssionte bout his chritble work. On his website, Nnmdi sttes the VSN philnthropic mngement firm, which sttes the clients' chritble goals, says the message: 'They are effective mnge the philnthropic gends of its clients, promoting

4. Hes lso poet

Nnmdi has a masterful devotion to his work. While he hs worked extensively for reputable businesses, he demonstrates his interest in writing by relesing a 30dys30poems bck collection in 2012. He nighs humble bid t grnting you inside t the emotions, struggles, and ng-ups he experienced in 30 dysws how the book description described it.

5. He's very pleased with the outcome.

Nnmdi ppers to void the limelight despite Rosrio tgging him in the video where both professed their love for one nother. Despite the fct he keeps his Instgrm privte, a mny of Rosrios friends received supportive comments when she shred the video of them riding golf crt together.

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