Kylie Jenners Fabulous Life: Luxury Homes, Cars, and More

Kylie Jenners Fabulous Life: Luxury Homes, Cars, and More ...

Kylie Jenner, despite her early 20s, has already accumulated a huge fortune.

In March 2019, Forbes revealed that she started selling $29 lip kits to keep up with the Kardashians when she was 19 years old. In three years, she sold $360 million in Kylie Cosmetics products (at the time, she owned a 100% stake in the business).

At the time, Jenner said to the magazine, I did not anticipate the future. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook cofounder, achieved a ten-figure fortune at the age of 23, and it felt truly beneficial to be recognized. Nice back-pat on the back there.

According to one survey conducted by Inside Kylie Jenners Web of Lies, the businessperson sold 51% of her business, claiming that she had never asked for any title or attempted to lie my way there ever. Four months later, Forbes revoked her billionaire status, alleging that she lied about business figures and forged tax returns to look even wealthier. so you simply BELIEVED that they were fake?


In ddition to her skincre line nd distribution greement with Ult Beuty, the relity strhs lso registered trdemrks for potentil hir nd bby products. She lso hs 178 million Instgrm followers, 33 million+ Twitter followers, and countless more on TikTok nd Snpcht.

Jenner said in 2019, "Its the power of socil medi," tributing the enormous success of her brnd to the dored websites. I ws ble to strt nothing becuse I hd such a robust rech.

Siblings Kourtney Krdshin, Kim Krdshin, Rob Krdshin, and Kendll Jenner ll run their own successful businesses, s do their preents Kris Jenner nd Citlyn Jenner.

Scroll down to see a glimpse of Kylies' glmorous past.

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