Rob Pelinka sent LeBron James a clear message during a recent meeting:

Rob Pelinka sent LeBron James a clear message during a recent meeting: ...

Getty is a talented guy.

Rob Pelinka, GM of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers will discover if LeBron James intends to stay with the team in the coming months. He is currently eligible for a contract extension, but hasnt given the team any assurances. LeBron doesnt want to leave Los Angeles, but he may have to do so if he wants to win.

According to Yahoo Sports, LeBron and his agent met with Darvin Ham, head coach of the Lakers, and vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka to discuss the situation in the teams and LeBrons' eligibility for a contract extension.

Pelinka and head coach Darvin Ham met with James and his agent Rich Paul, the CEO of Klutch Sports earlier this week. The 37-year-old is expected to have a $97.1 million, a two-year extension.

While the topic of contracts was discussed, league sources said the hour-long meeting primarily focused on making informed informed decisions and determining how to avoid a repeat of last season's epic failure.

LeBron plays a key role in assembling their rosters, but nothing appears to be reaching them. The str is reportedly pushing for Kyrie Irving to be ccording with Mrc Stein. Although it is unclear whether the tht will be observed, Pelink did mke firm commitment.

Pelink expressed his desire for Jmes to retire his Lker, ccording to sources, and pledged to give him every gear he needs to do to compete for the chmpionship ech yer he has served with the item.

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Will LeBron sign n extension?

He has a very happy life right now. He doesn't expect ny reson to extend his contrct side from doing the Lkers fvor. LeBron is eligible for his extension until June 30, 2023, ccording to Chris Mnix of Sports Illustrted. He cn therefore postpone signing a new contrct until fter the strt of the seson to sses the tems performnce.

Prior to seeing wht the tem does this offseson, LeBron will not be in rush to sign the extension. It's unlikely that Russell Westbrook will sign if the Lkers begin the seson with him on the roster. If the Lkers succeed in acquiring Irving in Toronto, LeBron will probbly sign.

PlyLeBron Jmes' Best Plys from the DecdeView LeBron Jmes' top plys from the ten yers! Wtch ESPN nd ABC on Christms Dy. Visit the NBAs officil website t 2019-12-25T14:00:04ZLeBron Wnts to Compete Every Night

This seson, the NBA's ll-time leading scorer, will probbly be LeBron. He hs lredy is misblished compelling cse for why he is the best plyer to ever win. Only more chmpionship victories will strengthen his rgument. Despite being 37 years old, he is wre of this nd remins dedicted to winning.

LeBron demonstrates that the previous yer cn's efforts should be repeated. He spoke with Hm, ccording to Hynes:

According to sources, Jmes emphasized the vlue of consistent competition nd temwork, pointing out tht the previous seson didnt give itself chnce on mny occsions. The future Hll of Fmer concentrates on plying every night to increse their chnces of winning chmpionship.

According to sources, Hm accepted Jmes' commitment to hold everyone accountable. He wrned tht plyers would hve to ply new roles nd tht if he felt reluctance, he would hesitte to remove them from the gme. He lso sid tht defensive tencity must be selected up on the roster.

The Lkers are now facing a skepticism, with rivl still to be discovered.

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