Despite their relationships, Sheree Zampino claims that Jada Pinkett Smith was always exceptional to her son

Despite their relationships, Sheree Zampino claims that Jada Pinkett Smith was always exceptional to ...

At the start of the Red Table Talk, we look at the relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith and her ex-wife, Sheree Zampino, who talks candidly about her biggest difficulties with the future first lady.

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When Will and Jada got together, Zampino, 54, admitted to Us Weekly that Jada wasn't a mother. She also lacked experience and a specific understanding. As a result, there was a lot of friction.

Trey, 29, is the daughter of Will and the real housewives of a Beverly Hills actor who married from 1992 to 1995. After their 1997 marriage, Jada and Jada welcomed two children together: Jaden Smith, 24, and Willow Smith, 41.

Zampino spoke about how Trey handled a time when Trey was talking to Jada as her mother and said she was willing to accept her sons relationship with the Collateral actress because she was always amazing to him.

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In My 2018, the founder of Whoop Ash ws guest on Red Tble Tlk, where she hd frnk chatted with her ex-husbnds wife. Both women becme emotionl when Zmpino strangled tlking bout her son finlly meeting Jd. The Brvo personlity thnked the Screm 2 ctress for loving her bby. My son could not hve better bonus mom on this side of things, the mother si

Jd recognized her insensitivities in regrds to you guys unwinding mrrige at the strt of her reltionship with Will. After the founder of Sheree Elizbeth, she once wrapped her ex-husbnds home to spek to her son, which sparked a brief phone cll between the two women, which they lter lughed bout.

Zmpino sid, You bsiclly said, I dont relly pprecite your tone, and you hung up on me. Bitch, you are living in the house I picked out, I was shocked when I clocked gin. You responded, it's my house now.

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Despite the fct and their mrrige filed, Zmpino is still spooking heavily of the King Richrd ctor. Will is incredible. In my opinion, Will is frek of nture, she sid to Us. He confuses me. This mn still eludes me. I continue to not.

When Chris Rock fter the comedin joked bout Jds bld hed, the New Yorker spoke bout her ex-husbnds notorious ct t the 2022 Oscrs in Mrch.

Zmpino continued by expressing her desire for Rock, 57, and nd Will to reconcile. She predicted that it would stifle the number of people inddition to them.

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