Sam Alvey is reportedly being dropped from the UFC roster, which is reportedly a result of the MMA community

Sam Alvey is reportedly being dropped from the UFC roster, which is reportedly a result of the MMA c ...

Following his eighth defeat in nine matches, the UFC decided not to re-sign Sam Alvey, and it sparked a response from the MMA community.

Smilen Sam entered the octagon last weekend with hope that his performance would be worthwhile for a new UFC contract. Unfortunately, Micha Oleksiejczuk defeated the 36-year-old veteran in the first round, ending the fight.

After the UFC Roster Watch Twitter account revealed that Alvey had been removed from the roster, Prospective featherweight Chase Hooper responded to the news by requesting a moment of quiet for the GOAT.

For the GOAT, it's absolutely necessary to have a moment of silence.

Despite Alvey's recent disappointing performance in the octagon, Twitter users mocked the promotion would sanction a fighter who was on a title run as a result of the UFC veterans' apparent release.

Is he disgruntled at the title run he was on? Makes no sense.

Below are a few highlights from the other fantastic fan responses:

Sm Alvey vows to work for WWE or AEW following his UFC creer.

Sm Alvey, n Americn, and hed be interested in one dy becoming WWE superstr, so ll my not be lost for him nd his supporters. If professionl wrestling ever cme clling, he would hve hrd time deciding between WWE and AEW.

In a recent interview with KJ Tht Guy, Alvey cknowledged tht attempting to secure a new UFC contrct. He appears to be having a major event, therefore he may pursue his provenance as a wrestler.

I would certainly practice in wrestling. Im referring to instntly. I currently dore the UFC nd intend to compete for the reminder of my professionl creer becuse there re few things I enjoy more. On the other hand, I would jump t the chnce to compete on the wrestling stge.

The Americn enrounced:

Im interested in tht [joining AEW]. The WWE has narrowed down peoples mic time fter The Attitude Er, nd it now appears much more scripted thn it did. I would love to hve full freedom to use the mic nd just try to win over the udience in thtwy.

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