In an old photo, a fan described Maci Bookout as dangerous

In an old photo, a fan described Maci Bookout as dangerous ...

MTV has announced that it will do so.

Maci Bookout, star of the Teen Mom OG, has received widespread criticism from viewers.

While viewers were rewatching the show, a picture from an old episode of the show was posted on the Teen Mom subreddit by the original poster. Maci Bookout, a Teen Mom OG star, received criticism.

When Bookout, 31, was caught on camera driving and using her phone, she and her sons climbed in the back seat.

Bentley, a 13-year-old daughter, who has died from Bookout's marriage to Taylor McKinney, and Maverick, who is five years old, and the couple also have a seven-year-old daughter named Jayde Carter.

When the scene was shot, Maverick was still in a car seat and a few years younger. Bentley was watched over his younger brother while they both sat together.

While she was driving her kids around, the original poster took a photo of the situation, showing Bookout was searching her phone, possibly texting or viewing the GPS.

Fans slammed Bookout for the Driving Scene.

Fans were accused of posing a risk on Bookout.

Driving with your leg up like that while texting is also dangerous. One commenter wrote, if they crash, that leg will be snapped!

ny of the teen mothers drive sfely once more. I swer every scene they were driving, they ll hd phone or something else in their hnds.

Some people are rebutting their bookouts.

Guys, plese void riding or driving with your leg rised like tht. Alwys keep your feet inside the re tht the floor mt occupies, they dvised. Until some dips*** rn stop sign, foushed into my driver side, fucked my knee ll to hell, the driver used to lwys drive with one leg up on the set or door.

With Bentley, a bookout survived a serious Cr Crsh.

In 2015, a severe uto accident involving Bookout and Bentley erupted. At the time, Bentley was 6 years old.

The crash hampered s result of Bookouts Jeep colliding with nother on the highwyth hd flt tire. Bentley ws in the bckset when Bookouts Jeep went down three times. At the time, the Teen Mom OG strws expecting Jyde, her second child.

Bentley and Jyde were all unharmed by Bookout.

At the time, Bookout spoke to McKinney, saying, "I keep hving flshbcks nd nightmres."

In a fresh Instgrm posting, Bookout prised her oldest child on August 5th.

She said that you'll probbly never meet humn's specils this one. He is definitely unique! Benny Bby nd God Bless you.

The Next Chpter, which combines Teen Mom OG nd Teen Mom 2, will be featured on Bookout, but the program has not yet been set relesedte.

Bookout mde n ppernce on Fmily Reunion, a teenager who reveled tht she struggles to connect with her own emotions, nd felt like she wsnt enough s mother.

When youre s*** gets rel, go wy, I'mke sure everyone else is oky, she sid.

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