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Evergreen Podcasts Announces Exciting Lineup of Shows for the Dudes

Evergreen Podcasts Announces Exciting Lineup of Shows for the Dudes

Evergreen Podcasts is giving a wide array of new podcasts this Fall, including some popular shows that listeners want to talk with their own listener. As a drink of whiskey, prepare yourself for entertaining, or shift gears and dive into the desert for interviews with INDY and NASCAR greats. Would you like a good fight? Inside the Hexagon, the great fighters and the match of Strikeforce recount the good battles of the enemy.

"We're adding smart podcasts to those interests, some fresh conversations that make Evergreen a one-stop shop along the road, good for working in the yard, the garage, you name it," says David Allen Moss, "High sports journalists, influencers and pros are often required in their game. These show is a great retreat from the everyday grind. And they deliver - with varying abilities of interview and storytelling, these show makes showcasing countless moments to the day.

There are a few new Evergreen podcasts that have earned kudos from the world over and over from discerning fellas.

Whiskey business is a whisked whiskey business.

This is the wrong podcast for those interested in learning about whiskey. If they want to learn about a lot of news and pop culture topics with whiskey, then comedian and influencer Dino Tripodis invites listeners to share savoury drinks with him while discussing with distillers, taste- Tripodis is a self-described writer, actor, filmmaker, 24-year veteran morning radio host and cheesy poker player, while also being able to talk and play the radio, acting, and the musical legend In Whiskey Business, he talks about everything from food-and-drink to sports and TikTok trends.

Indy and Pit Pass Inny.

Listen to Pit Pass Indy to get the behind-the-scenes details of INDYCAR, from lively interviews with the biggest names in WD and NASCAR to look-aheads and postrace highlights. Bruce Martin is a journalist with 40 years of covering the Indianapolis 400 and IndyCar for outlets like and ESPN Sports Ticker. Listen to Dale Earnhardt Jr. share thoughts about Jimmie Johnson switching from NASCAR to INDYCAR. In the final race of the season, Johnson made the comments at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The Hexagon resides inside the Hezagogon.

In 2013 some of the world's greatest mixed martial arts fighters took the ring in Strikeforce, the most respected MMA promotion that folded in 2013. Strikeforce was the main event and helped launch women's MMA. Host Phil Lanides rewinds to the famous hexagon, capturing the key moments and matches of the city. Lanides is a copyright owner and publicist of Crossfire Media, and is the founder of the company Strikeforce and he's renowned for his work in the industry. Everybody can read the original book in Inside the Hexagon and read it. It's 4.9 stars in the Apple Podcast.

The Podcasts About Evergreen Podcast are written in the podcasts.

Evergreen's goal is to bring entertaining, thought-provoking content to people wherever they are. We produce life-long podcasts that reflect the color and diversity of modern makers. Our channels are full of backstories and insights that deliver different perspectives from entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, athletes and more. Evergreen's capabilities are mainly based on original podcasts, but also on branded and partner podcast. Our team is driven by knowledgeable executives, supported by rock-star talent, and supported with experienced production and broadcast professionals. Together, we're growing an engaged community.

Learn more about Evergreen Podcasts and read our full list of shows. Our storytelling podcasts have something for everybody.

David Allen Moss, CEO of Creative Officer (CCO) Contact: David Mos, Chief Creative Director (DCCO).

[email protected]

216.544.7942 - 26.5440. everredpodccast

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