After Chris Rocks' public apology, Oscar producer Will Packer claims to be pulling for Will Smith

After Chris Rocks' public apology, Oscar producer Will Packer claims to be pulling for Will Smith ...

Is it correct for producers? Will Packer has been pleasantly surprised by how Will Smith has handled the impacts of slapping Chris Rock following the Oscars drama.

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Packer, 48, praises Smiths apology video for being so transparent about his process, declaring, thanking him for being so honest about his process. He is expressing his displeasure in a very open, honest, and public manner.

I believe that hes been three decades in this business of being someone that is the exact opposite of who he was in those few seconds, and so i'm keeping it up, according to the Florida native, stating that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alums actions demonstrate his experience in the field.

Packer offered his view shortly after Smith, 53, returned to social media to discuss the Oscars drama. (In March, when in retaliation for a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, he slapped Rock onstage at the Academy Awards.)

The video that appeared before it, which was then shared on Instagram on July 29, has been translated into text. Over the past few months, Ive been doing a lot of thinking and personal work. You asked a lot of interesting questions that I wanted to take some time to answer.

In a video, the Oscr winner discussed how he dished the situtions while contemplating the subtleties and the meaning of wht hppened. I wont ttempt to unpck ll of this time. But no prt of me believes thts the best wy to del with insults or feelings of disrespect.

Whenever you wnt to tlk, Smith dmitted tht he mde n effort to get in touch with the comedin to do everything right. Hes not redy to tlk, ccording to the messge. And when he is, he will extend his hnd, the ntive of Phildelphi sid. I will therefore pologize to you, Chris. I will therefore pologize for my behvior,

The red rticle

He mded the following day, revealing that his wife had no influence on his decisions. I mde decision on my own, bsed on my personl experiences, and I m very sorry. Right? I mde mistke becuse Im humn.

Rock, on the other hand, was slammed for the flannel moment hours fter the clip ws mde public. The South Crolin ntive mde joke bout how everyone is trying to be f-king victim while performing t the Fox Thetre in Atlnt. If everyone declres themselves to be victim, the rel victims will not be herd. I hd to go to work the following dy becuse I hd

hs never received a punch to the fce, but anyone who clims tht words hurt.

The red rticle

Pinkett Smith, 50, ws n inspirtion, source exclusively reveled to Us Weekly when Smith decided to put it down.

The insider sid, referring to the ctress Fcebook tlk show Red Tble Tlk, has been pushed by Will to pologize becused it hs become this relly drk cloud over her Red Tble Tlk series. It was his tem hd that the upror would pss, but it was just hsnt. He would not be bullied until the end of the day, but is willing to continue.

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