Triple H will not wish if the three-time Tag Team Champion makes a comeback to WWE as a singles star

Triple H will not wish if the three-time Tag Team Champion makes a comeback to WWE as a singles star ...

Under the new Triple H system, Erick Redbeard, previously known as Erick Rowan, is committed to making a comeback to the WWE.

Following Vince McMahons' retirement, Hunter has already taken over as the organization creative director. A few former stars have already joined the promotion now that The Game is in charge. According to reports, several more people are in the works.

Redbeard, who played as a member of tag teams during the promotion, highlighted that he is open to a singles run under the new leadership in a recent conversation with Dr. Chris Featherstone of Sportskeeda Wrestling.

If there is a chance for specific things, then it is absolutely feasible to be successful for each other. [26:08 26:17]

Triple H worked often with The White Sheep throughout his time in New York City. After nine years when his WWE contract expired in 2020, he left the promotion.

Erick Redberd's Triple H career has never been clshed in the WWE.

Redberd won the Stmford-bsed championship for the first ten years, winning twice the SmckDown Tg Tem Chmpionship, then the NXT Tg Tem Chmpionship.

Fns drew him to fame during his time in The White Sheep of The Wytt Fmily. However, the WWE decided to dethrone him due to budget cuts.

Being stubborn nd ptient opens up interesting doors.

Patient persistence leads to interesting doorways

During his ppernce on Sportskeed Wrestling's weekly Q&A segment, Redberd stressed tht he never hrbored resentment. The former tg tem chmpion left room for a potentil comebck s well:

If you know how much mny current people can overcome Triple H, then you might know that, right now, sid Erick Redberd. It's just right plce, right time? [5:25 5:45]

Hunter hs has been super busy since being tasked with by Vince McMhon. The Gme hs lredy reintegrated celebrities like Dkot Ki nd Krrion Kross, but there are no signs of slowing down. It will be interesting to see if Redberd cn will snag a spot on the roster.

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