After being given the opportunity to shared a room with his pregnant sister boyfriend, a teenager is ejected from his stepfamily

After being given the opportunity to shared a room with his pregnant sister boyfriend, a teenager is ...

It's well known that dealing with family issues can seriously affect their mental health, particularly in children and young adults. Often, peer pressure or even bullying may result in an attempt to receive treatment from more senior family members who use a hiatical structure to gain advantage of negative interactions.

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A few examples include older siblings using your plate or claiming their first dibs on the Playstation or family computer. Other examples include family members urging you to give up your room, packing your belongings into a shed, and forcing you to sleep on the couch.

In a post on Reddits AITA, the question of whether or not the OP was a treasurable man to expulsion her half-brother (from her moms side) after trying to intimidate her parents.

Commenters received a lot of support from the teenager who concocted a tale that, if true, would make it difficult to empathize with her step-family.

OP ws residing in the house tht belonging to her hlf-brother. The house has three bedrooms: one tht her step-prents shre, another tht her step-sister occupies, and another tht is lrger thn her step-sisters nd hs its own bthroom.

The OPs step-sister was informed tht she ws expecting child nd tht they would need to chnge their current living sitution becuse her boyfriend would likely be moving in with them. Mking more spce for the upcoming bby nd her step-sisters boyfriend ws her prents solution to this predicment.

THt ment llocts n entire room to the infnt nd mking the OP sleep on the couch while her belongings were moved to the shed, allowing her stepsisters BF to have more comfortable living.

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She was shocked when her stepfmily hd ccess came to the house and she told her dad it was wrong thing to do. She sked her brother if she mistken in believing she ws being tken dvntge of. He recognised tht they were indeed going too fr.

She questioned whether it would be preferable to exterminate her rther thn del with the drm, but her hlf-brother agreed. She moved in with him in the interim to avoid ny issues.

I asked tht he evict my prents, so tht I would no longer hve to del with my stepmom nd stepister.

My brother suggested that he move in with him so I won't be living there when they serve the eviction notice becuse, he ws worried they'd blme me, and it wouldn't be nice if I ws there, according to my sister.

The eviction notice was published around the time her step-sisters boyfriend moved in. According to her blog, her step-fmily has taken two months to vcte the property.

My stepmother and her boyfriend moved in just over a week. They received a two-month eviction notice since my brother moved in. My fther never met me for refusing to evict her, despite the fact that she was forced to live in the same conditions as her pregnant daughter.

The vst mjority of Redditors who sw her post commented tht no, she wsnt n **hole for stnding her ground nd tht her prents tempt to essentilly force her out of her own living sitution for the ske of her stepsister ws deceptive, filthy, rude, nd mnipultive.

Others rgued tht doing so ws disrespectful to her hlf-brothers potentil for finncil success becuse he could hve esily rented out those rooms nd incresed the vlue of the house rther thn worrying bout doing something nice for the person who is relegated to his hlf-sister.

What do you feel about her? Should she redouble n effort to get it out with her fmily? Or is it rude of them to suggest she put her possessions in the first plce?

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