Fans are believed to have secretly split between Love Islands Gemma and Luca

Fans are believed to have secretly split between Love Islands Gemma and Luca ...

Gemma Owen and Luca Bish, runners-up on Love Island, have always been at the forefront of attention since they fled the property, although they were well-known outside of the reunion party. In fact, Luca reportedly responded, "Oh, no, sorry." So what does anybody know about their post-villa friendship? Shes got the wrong hump with me!

Gemma and Luca both agreed to halt any rumors of discord on Monday, August 8. When hosts commented on whether or not they had been discussing the dinner day before, they both laughed off the allegations and denied there was a confrontation. Moreover, they admitted they are not yet girlfriends in the same interview, although Luca suggested that he might modify that in the future.

Gemm shared a two-cent picture of herself nd Luc from the reunion on Instgrm. She said he didn't get the picture of herself groining if the couple hs ctully broken up. However, some fns hve wondered if the couple hs ctully broke up. Whether or not, one person dubbed it "Hunger Gmes" "Ctching Fire" was delighted, and he asked for

The fct Owens fmily neglected to mention Bish in their Instgrm post to mrk the show conclusion dded to the tension. Words cnt even begin to express how proud we are of Gemm, morl, and elegnt she relly are. With her mother Louises rther cryptic Instgrm comments erlier in the series, it seems like Bish may hve some more grfting to

Despite the bckground noise, Gemm nd Luc continues to shred sweet updtes of their time together so that they get to know one nother wy from the cmers. In the morning view, he wrote the sweet Instgrm stories cption, followed by hert.

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