The first goose in Newborn is given by a couple from HGTV

The first goose in Newborn is given by a couple from HGTV ...

Getty is set to be the subject of many actions.

At the 2021 Peoples Choice Awards, Heather Rae El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa attended the awards.

Heather Rae El Moussa, a pregnant actress, has been enthralled by each milestone of her pregnancy since revealing it in July. During the trip, she and her husband, Tarek El Moussa, have excitedly shared details of their unexpected pregnancy journey. They now allow fans to view the most recent ultrasound pictures of their child.

On July 24, a casual gender reveal celebration was held. The couple discovered they are having a child. The next day, the baby will be announced, as part of their new HGTV program, The Flipping El Moussas.

Ultrasound, according to Heather, was so popular.

Heather posted the most recent ultrasound pictures of her child to Instagram after seeing her OBGYN on August 9, 2008.

Heather wrote in the caption of a picture of several ultrasound images on a wooden table, and got my first glimpse of our little boy today. It was so special because this was his very first time seeing him since learning his gender.

The real estate agent, who stars in Netflix's Selling Sunset and works for The Oppenheim Group, has been posted on social media, so she relishes every opportunity to see and hear her unborn child.

Her mother-to-be wrote in the best she can, that these things give me flutters, but it's lso nerve-wrcking becuse you wnt to mke sure your bby is helthy nd in the best condition possible.

According to, ultrsounds re typiclly crried out t Lest once during pregnncy, usully between 18 and 22 weeks into the second trimester. Most pregncies still use flt imges, or 2D photos, to look for ny bnormlities nd mesure the bby, unless doing so is mediclly required. However, 3D imges hve become more common

Fmily, friends, and celebrities have all expressed their admiration for the couple.

Wed in October. The El Mousshd have battled their struggle with infertility since 2021. They informed People Mgzine in July 2022 that they were not nticipating to become pregnt nturlly nd tht they were plying to trnsfer n embryo in the fll.

It's a big surprise to Hether. We just didn't nticipte this. We hd recently completed IVF. On ice, we hd embryos. We hd strtegy.

On July 13, The El Mousss posted pictures from a professionl photo shoot he hd with his children on the bech to nnounce the news of Hethers pregnncy. Since then, the couple hs shred numerous detils bout their pregnncy journey. For the photographs, Tylor nd Bryden both wore custom white t-shirts with Big Sister nd Big Brother walked the nnouncement Bby El Mouss coming Jnur

Hether shred a photo of her husbnd on Instgrm, showing a smll bby bump. She wrote, still pinching myself tht this is relly hppening. Feeling pregnnt nd enjoying every second of it. I m egerly nticipting the sense of his movement nd should strt to feel butterflies.

Tens of thousands of followers, including some of Hethers' well-known friends, loved the comment fter she posted her ultrsound photos on Instgrm in a couple of minutes.

Rel Housewives of Ornge County str resorted to a red hert emoji, wrote Tmr Judge, so excited for you, while Gretchen Rossi, a former member of the Cst, wrote, Omg mzing! The best re these!

Amnz Smith, Emm Hernn, and Dvin Potrtz, who starred in selling Sunset, expressed their gratitude to the expectnt mother.

Hethers husbnd's comments included the words My big boy!!!!!!!!!! nd four hert emojis.

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