A wanted man was discovered evading police by hiding inside a massive teddy and now is stuffed behind bars

A wanted man was discovered evading police by hiding inside a massive teddy and now is stuffed behin ...

A sought-after car thief who attempted to escape capture by hiding with a bear has been sentenced to death.

Joshua Dobson of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, stole a vehicle from the community in May, leaving him without paying for gas.

After seeing it to be breathing, police discovered the 18-year-old inside a teddy bear at his house.

Their displeasure attempts to survive were described by the families who were stuck in Australia's Outback for 48 hours.

The young man is subjected to a nine-month prison term outage related to the internet's humiliation.

According to GMP Rochdale on Facebook, a sought-after car thief who tried to use a teddy bear to hide from our neighborhood cops who were out searching for him.

Joshua Dobson, a resident of the town #Spotland area, was sought out by us for stealing a car in May and failing to pay for gasoline on the same day.

Before seeing a large bear breathing there when we went to arrest him, our officers discovered Dobson hidden inside the address.

After receiving a sentence last week for stealing a car, operating a vehicle while impeachable, and stealing gas without paying.

He's optimistic that he'll have a long term experience inside.

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