Ever wondered why airplane windows are always rounded? It's for your own protection

Ever wondered why airplane windows are always rounded? It's for your own protection ...

Normally, the most interesting aspect of an airplane window is the view, but have you ever wondered why the window itself is so large?

It has a different purpose than being an eccentric design component: safety.

Square windows were removed from airplanes following two catastrophic storms.

On January 10, Romes Ciampino Airports flight 781 took off in London with 35 passengers and three crew members on board.

The de Havilland Comet jet, which had been the first to launch a routine commercial flight two years ago, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea and was depleted 15 minutes into the flight, killing everyone on board.

Only a few months later, South African Airways flight 201 from London to Johannesburg crashed into the sea, killing 21 people. The bodies that were recovered recovered from the crash had similar head and lung injuries to those on board flight 781.

The square windows at the time contributed to the metal fatigue that resulted in the crash, which resulted in explosive decompression, and the plane's disintegrating in the air.

The narrow corners of the windows give the metal around them under further pressure, which is one or three times more likely than other aircraft components.

Every window had four corners where stress was concentrated, which stifled the metal.

Rounded corners were designed to assist distribute the pressure exerted on the window fairly, reducing the likelihood of window crcking under chnging ir pressure, explined Willis Orlndo, Product Opertions Specilist t Scotts Chep Flights.

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