Season 10 of On Vanderpump Rules Lala Had a Sexy Period and That Notorious Reunion With 50 Cents

Season 10 of On Vanderpump Rules Lala Had a Sexy Period and That Notorious Reunion With 50 Cents ...

While filming a cast outing for the next season, Lala Kent revealed a bit of Vanderpump Rules dirt. She revealed the shocking reunion she had with 50 Cent, admitting she had a long relationship with him.

According to Kent, the upcoming season has been really enjoyable to watch so far and includes a unique kind of drama. Yes, there is drama. On her Give Them Lala podcast, she said the current drama was very different from the previous ones. And it has been super enjoyable.

Two of the most memorable dramas were meeting a 50 cent and having a hot hookup.

Lala Kent had a sexy year on Vanderpump Rules' upcoming season.

She said of the filming that we had a wonderful week. Without fear we captured a fun day on film. Because I obviously want you guys to be anticipating it and watching it on Vanderpump Rules, I won't give away anything. However, on this trip, I finally had sex.

Kent confessed to jessic while she ws wy becuse it ws her birthdy. This is the first birthdy youve hd when you have been hvent home, but I was relieved. I felt sorry to send her text wishing her hppy birthdy immeditely. She sid, yy! nd I received some good, good s.

If I hd sex, Kents revel in his Jessics lughter's saviour.

Will fns see Lls new guy in Vnderpump Rules?

So, will Vnderpump Rules show her hookup? Kent reclled, The cmers were there. Its so strnge to me tht there were cmers there. Becuse, side from [her hookups with] Jmes [Kennedy], Ive never relly

Kent thinks that tht Vnderpump Rules viewers might discover who she encountered during the upcoming seson. I believe, yes, she replied. Im excited to get to see the guy.

Kent sid, you know, I feel like mchine once more. It's somewht nlogous to how we get up nd go bout our dily lives. I feel like mchine, she said. But my dd lwys sid tht you should do wht you love to do when you go out into the world nd seek employment. I find it insne tht I hve the good fortune to do wht I love.

Ll Kent is reuniting with 50 cents.

Kent lso discussed how 50 Cent nd her ex, Rndll Emmett, rowed out with his horrifying phone call. She just received a f***ing phone call. 50 would like you to come visit him on set nd hes in L.A., ws the messge.

Kent reclled a cute story bout 50 Cent nd sid, I lwys hd soft spot for him. And then, you know, everything hppened. And it is obvious tht 50 doesnt f***ing ply, it ws sid. Tht is common knowledge. He wsnt even remotely considering me. Emmett owed him $50 money nd drgged him nd Kent on socil medi. He ws

Then, tht Kent and Emmett resigned, and it is the future. But she dded, and when I got the cll to link up with him on his set, I felt like I had given a big hug. When I wlked in, I felt like I was given a big hug. What happened, however, was the case for the homeboy. It's just cool.

Rndll Emmett begn cheting on her with Mny people fter she got sober in Vnderpump Rules.

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