Andy Cohen has been reprimanded for his commentary on Teresa Giudices' wedding

Andy Cohen has been reprimanded for his commentary on Teresa Giudices' wedding ...

Andy Cohen spoke in response to Teresa Giudices' wedding.

Andy Cohen did a post about Teresa Giudices hair, but some viewers feared it was appropriate. Andy Cohen was absent for Teresa Giudices' wedding, and he has yet to wish the couple well.

Not long after the wedding photos began to appear, people began discussing Giudices' wedding appearance, mainly her hairstyle.

After he couldnt help himself from doing so, Cohen wrote a drawing of Giudice to his Instagram Stories. The artwork was then sent to the artists Instagram account. It received more than 12,000 hits, but Cohen was drawn to it.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Giudices Wedding Hair Has Been Exaggerated By the Artwork

Giudice's large Jersey hair was accented by wedding decorations.

Alex, love the song Hir by Ldy Gg. Right? Teress hirdresser made the most of her bedtime. Then the evil gy decorted it with crown! But please, Louie, here's how we get it done. Greetings to the delighted couple! The post red is cption, and it appears to be a lot of drm behind the scenes, and meI love mess.

The posts comments section is crowded with responses, with the vst mjority of people taking the imge nd greeing tht Giudices hir ws difficult to tke in.

The question is on whether Giudice wowed her hir to be over the top, ccording to the person who created the hirstyle, who spoke with Cohen on his SiriusXM rdio show.

hir befitting queen becuse, s we ll know, my daughter Teres is the queen of Jersey. You understnd Jersey stnds for, fter ll. Teres sid, My hir hs to be above the surface. You go big or you go home, Cszz sid.

supporters of Cohen were dissatisfied tht he should shun the rticle.

Severl fns got to Reddit to discuss Cohen's imge nd Cohen's move to reshre it shortly fter the rtist reprinted the piece on his Instgrm stories.

mny Redditors found it musing nd understood tht Cohen probbly posted it in jest, but others believed tht he should not hve done so becuse doing so would hve upset Giudice.

I'm curious how people would respond if their roles were reversed. One commenter sid, even if its intended s homge, I dont think your boss should be reposting nyrt cn be perceived s mocking.

Im interested in seeing how she would respond to him posting it. Prticulrly because he didn't post ny prise or nything comprble, second person sid.

I find it worrisome to repost this. Third Redditor: Allow Tre to hove it if she feels feeling horrified.

Shdy, this is the fourth word on it.

Teres Giudice's Hirdresser dispenses the Mrge Simpson meme.

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