Fans erupt as NCT Dream announces Dream Show 2 at the Olympic Stadium

Fans erupt as NCT Dream announces Dream Show 2 at the Olympic Stadium ...

NCT Dreams' full-length solo concert was postponed after the latest Covid-19 outbreak left two of the band members dead. SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA On August 10, SM revealed that The Dream Show 2 would feature all seven members and take place at the Olympic Stadium in Jamsil, Seoul, on September 8 and 9.

As a result of The Dream Show 2, fans and NCT Dream themselves have experienced a wide range of difficulties. Despite making their debut in 2016, Mark Lee was forced to leave the group for the first full concert in 2019 for the Dream Show. Sadly, many people were surprised when Mark revealed that the first concert had also happened without Mark. A day later, Renjun, a second member, also contracted Covid-19, which forced the cancellation of the event.

Fns sy its flurry tht 1.5 million people ttempt to purchse tickets for NCT Drems 20k-set performnce.

Fns cll IUs performnce t the Olympic Stdium, where she mde history s the first femle idol, legendry.

The Olympic Stdium is beaten for the seventh time in NCT Drem.

When the lbel wasnounced, they would cling to The Drem Show 2, which ws scheduled to tke plce t the Sky Dome, and venue with 16k seting cpcity nd 20k cpcity when including the stnding re. In order to try nd purchse tickets for the concert with 20,000 sets, 1.5 million fns hd logged on. They therefore requested that SM removed the concert r

For the seventh time in K-pop history, NCT Drem performs at the Olympic Stdium. Additionlly, the mde icon was no longer the fifth newest SM rtist to perform there. Despite the fact that there had been four mle singers and six BTS nd EXO performers performing at the 70k-set venue, which is only used for serious events.

Only a few interntionl celebrities, including Michel Jckson, Metllic, and Ldy Gg, have used the venue s stop in Kore for their world tours. The following musicl ct, NCT Drem, will perform on September 8 nd 9. Fnclub ticket reservtions will go on sle on August 17; generl sles will strt on August 24.

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