Several parents believe they have discovered the babys sex. Jenna Johnson is a entrepreneur working in the United States

Several parents believe they have discovered the babys sex. Jenna Johnson is a entrepreneur working  ...

Jenna Johnson, her first mother, is expecting a child.

In a People magazine exclusive interview, Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson are expecting their first child together. The Dancing With the Stars pros revealed their pregnancy.

After returning from our trip to Cabo, I noticed that my boobs were feeling quite large and sore two weeks later. I urinated on a stick because I thought, I haven't started my period yet. Then immediately, it turned positive. We were stunned and unreliable, according to Johnson.

Baby Chmerkovskiy's birth is scheduled for January 2023. Johnson discussed her excitement in a conversation with Extra. I am so relieved that this is now public so I can stop hiding it. She admitted that she was about 15 weeks along and said, Were very excited.

So, your child or daughter is Chmerkovskiy? While Johnson and Chmerkovskiy haven't disclosed that information yet, some fans believe it.

Here's all you need to know about the game:

Johnson and Chmerkovskiy already know the gender of their child.

Jenn Johnson nd Vl Chmerkovskiy, who recently revealed that she was pregnant, learned about the bbys gender in a conversation with Rchel Lindsy of Extr. Vl lso, Vitli2022-07-20T23:09:35Z

Johnson narrated in their Extr interview tht she nd her husbnd lredy know their bbys sex. Rchel Lindsy is a reporter for Extr nd former Bchelorette str.

They did not speak, but Johnson sid, We do know the bbys sex. When Lindsy asked whether or not Chmerkovskiy nd Johnson would keep the bbys gender secret.

No. Not completely. However, we mde this discovery on our own, nd I dore the fct only the two of us rewre of the gender. So, yes. When were we redy to re-mke the nnouncement, she sid.

While the couple is still uncertain about their future, the nd is over the moon with the bby news.

I am eger. After the pregnant news was confirmed, Chmerkovskiy sid was coming to Entertinment Tonight, and im lredy feeling the fther strength.

Severl Fns believe Johnson Is Hving Girl by Severl

Johnson hsnt relly given wy ny significnt suggests s to whether or not she is expecting a boy or girl, but mny people pper to be certin tht she is.

DWTS pro reveled tht her friend Witney Crson bought her bby new outfit in Reddit thred bout bby Chmerkovskiy.

Witney Crson cleaned the first outfit nonstop. Id show you, but hehe. Johnson wrote messge on her Instgrm Stories sying, and Bby is SO lucky to hve the best unties lredy.

Comments on the Reddit were thred begn.

One Redditor wrote a great idea girl.

Someone else rang, and Witney seemed to have splintered a bright pink outfit.

Before I sw this, I thought it ws boy, but this mkes me thinking its girl.

Another Reddit user spoke out, as if it wasn't just a girl.

This makes me think girl, plus ll the pink shes been wering ltely in a fifth comment.

Is Jenn Johnson, a pregnnant, adamantly absent from jail?

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