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The US Congress Approved Almost $500 Billion In Financial Support During The Pandemic

The US Congress Approved Almost $500 Billion In Financial Support During The Pandemic

The House of Representatives of the US Congress voted in support of a package of financial assistance to fight the coronavirus and its consequences for more than $480 billion, CNN reports.

In total, the bill distributes about $484 billion. Of this, $310 billion will go to the paycheck Protection Program (PPP), created to help small businesses during coronavirus. Also worth noting that the bill provides $75 billion for hospitals and healthcare providers and $25 billion to expand the COVID-19 testing program.

The Senate supported the bill on Tuesday, and it will later be submitted for signature to US President Donald Trump, who previously spoke in support of it.

The House of Representatives held a roll-call vote on the package of measures, forcing many congressmen to return to Washington from their States.

Congressmen voted in small groups, and the House of Representatives carried out additional cleaning to ensure the safety of voters. A significant number of congressmen came to the vote and the preceding debates in masks.

In March, the US approved a $2.3 trillion economic aid package, which included funds for conditional non-refundable loans for small businesses in the amount of $ 350 billion. Funds for loans for small businesses allocated by the state have already run out, which is why American politicians were eager to take new measures as soon as possible.

President Trump has repeatedly advocated for restoring the US economy as soon as possible. At the same time, on Wednesday, he said that he did not agree with the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, who decided to resume the work of some organizations, such as hairdressers, fitness centers, and tattoo salons, starting from Friday.

The United States ranks first in the world by a significant margin in the number of detected COVID-19 cases and deaths from this virus. So, at least 866 thousand people were infected with coronavirus in the United States, and more than 48.5 thousand people died.

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