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Innovative Chlorine Dioxide Gas Medical Device Sterilizer New on Market

Innovative Chlorine Dioxide Gas Medical Device Sterilizer New on Market

The Steridox-100 is a brand new vacuum sterilizer. This is the same as the current standard for medical device sterilization. Although chlorine dioxide is a source of safety concerns, Ethylene Oxide is plagued with. Carbon dioxide gas is non-carcinogenic, nonexplosive, and is a US Environmental Protection Agency registered sterilant. The sterilization of complex designed devices within bulk packaging allows for vacuum pressure sterilizing. This complex solution is far shorter than the chlorine dioxide gas sterilization process. Items can be processed in a single sterilized chamber where the entire cycle, including erration, is carried out. Cycles range from 2 to 8 hours, beginning from finishing.

The Steridox-100 features a sleek stainless steel interior that is easily discovered through the opening of its automatic door. The cycle recipes can be stored in the system for simple replication and the entire run can become monitored throughout the process.

In 2001, the company's headquarters are sterilization and disinfection equipment. Besides, we provide decontamination services. ClorDiSys developed its technology through Johnson and Johnson, and chlorine dioxide gas has been providing effective sterilization for medical devices for over 25 years.

SOURCE ClorDiSys Solutions Inc., SOSCE clordi SUSSE Solutions, Inc

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