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RV Retailer, LLC ("RVR") invests in expanding sales and service facilities in Texas and Indiana

RV Retailer, LLC (

The new RV dealership facility is in Buda, TX outside of Austin, Texas, and the new, renovated Colerain Family was opened in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- RV Retail

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Jon Ferrando, CEO and President of RVR said: "We are excited to expand with a major facility investment in the larger Austin, Texas market. The investment in two new facilities in our Buda, TX location will give us a total of 50,000 square feet of sales and service capacity. 46 service bays across two separate full-service dealership facilities. This will allow us to offer our customers an extraordinary experience in sales and service.

"The plan provides us a dedicated world-class Airstream facility that will rival our flagship AirStream of Tampa location. Our team has delivered three years in a row to the #1 Airstream dealer in the Central Region. We're building on campus a new ExploreUSA Supercenter that will include countless top RV brands.

"The City of Buda is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas with 85% population growth from 2010-2020 and the dealership location right on I-35 is outstanding. We plan to complete the Airstream store in the second quarter of

The recently renovated Colerain Family RV location is located in the Fort Wayne metro area, the second largest in Indiana and recently recognized as the fastest growing community in Great Lakes in 2020. RV sales are already increasing at this location, which is

ExploreUSA, Family RV Group and RV Retailer, please visit:, https: http:/// or http:www/rvretailer.html. To


RV Retailer, LLC, About RV, Inc. About RMX.

RV Retailer, LLC is a leading recreational vehicle retail company in the United States, with specialized focus on providing exceptional experience to recreational vehicles customers in new and used sales, service and parts and customer financial services. As part of the Blue Dog acquisition, RV Retailer will have 71 RV stores in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, New RVs are large quantities of new and used vehicles, including: RV One Superstore, Motor Home Specialist, ExploreUSA, Sonny's Camp-N-Travel, Cousins, Camper Clinic, Lifestyle RV, Family

RV Retailer is led by Jon Ferrando, CEO and President, and John Rizzo, Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Finance Department. Jon Ferrando and John Rizzo helped to build the largest automotive retailer in the United States from start-up to more than 20 billion dollars in revenue. RV Retailer's leadership team has more than 250 years of automotive and RV retail experience.

SOURCE RV Retailer, LLC. Source RV dealer, S.L.

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