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IP Partners Buy Odwalla with Full Sail IP partners

IP Partners Buy Odwalla with Full Sail IP partners

- Full Sail IP Partners, an associate of leading brands, acquired the Odwalla brand from the Coca-Cola Company.

Odwalla is the popular food and beverage brand founded in 1980 by three jazz musicians whose aim is to feed people everywhere, protect our planet, and create healthy products for the soul. Over the past 40 years, Odlla has delivered A food that is synonymous with its iconic brand is important to many consumers.

"We're thrilled Odwalla, with its long history of innovation, high brand awareness and reputation for good products, will be our first acquisition." "I am delighted that Odala will supply the best, artfully-crafted functional

About Full Sail IP Partners About full Sails IP partners.

Full Sail acquires and creates new opportunities for growth and expanded relevance through a transformational brand licensing business model. With the help of Warburg Pincus, a leading global growth investor, and powered by LMCA, one of the pioneers of corporate brand extension licensing, Full Sail is focused on building bespoke portfolios in the industry For more information, please visit

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