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The Pimple Patch with COSRX just got an upgrade

The Pimple Patch with COSRX just got an upgrade

COSRX, a leading skincare brand, is selling out at major U.S. beauty retailers with cult-favorite products. The brand that is known for its iconic Acne Pimple Master Patch has just created a 2.0 version. Meet the COSRX Master Patch Intensive, an upgraded version of hydrocolloid patches that form a protective, air-tight, healing seal around your blemishes.

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"COSRX was always a trustworthy brand for me. I like to try new products from them. The master patch is my favorite product. These are patches that you put on as a spot treatment for if you were looking for an infection. They help promote healing and protect the pimple from irritation. I noticed that my pimples and pipimples go away much quicker." Dermatologist is a dermatologist. Nicolle Finn - Franoise Finn!

Master Patch Intensive 80% a week.

  • The Intensive is an oval-shaped acne patch with ultra-thin tapered edge, blending perfectly into all of the skin tones & amp; pierced, and rips of hairlines.
  • Use on Pimples of any kind | Don't crush or POP your pimple, no more! This patch is for you, without the PAIN! COSRX Master Patch Intensive is made of 100% A.D.F hydrocolloid, which absorbs moisture from acne and effectively reduces acne size. Tea tree oil helps soothe and relieve redness.
  • Intensive treatment of pimples helps reduce piggy size and protects them. The patch turned white after 6 hours.
  • The skin is protected by the danger of using COSRX Master Patch Intensive because it doesn't contain toxic substances. All skin types, such as sensitive skin, are safe to use.
  • The number of patches in a pack of 36 MB (36 UP) contains 36, sizes S (18 dots), and M (18 points). Your zits will be sized like size and size.

About COSRXWith its powerful yet affordable skincare solutions, CORSX quickly became one of the most popular brands in the United States. COSRX products deliver a clear result by treating the skin with only the essentials needed and the same thing that it doesn't. Find the best skincare solutions at retailers nationwide including Ulta, Revolve, Dermstore, Amazon.

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