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Mayor de Blasio calls on black Brooklyn Designer for Met Gala - Black Brooklyn is a Met gala

Mayor de Blasio calls on black Brooklyn Designer for Met Gala - Black Brooklyn is a Met gala

New York, Sept. 14, 2021 -- Brooklyn-based designer Dreu Beckemberg dressed Mayor Bill de Blasio and his son, Dante de blassis, the most important charity event in fashion: the

To further New York's reputation for emerging talent, de Blasio requested with the Black design firm Dreu Beckemberg look.

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New York is among the many cities that have jumped on the Buy Black initiative, which includes supporting black designers.

Dreu Beckemberg, creator of his namesake brand, heads the duo-line collections which includes the tailor-made service, Made for You and Beck's Cricket Club. The designer and entrepreneur known for his intricate tailoring and innovative mixing of fabrics and prints a Jamaican born designer - has become known as the Kingston, Jamaica-based designer. His aesthetic combines classic silhouettes with worldly execution.

Mayor de Blasio has been a longtime advocate of Black creativity and businesses and has supported the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly during the protests of 2020. Dante, a graduate of Yale, recently stepped up obstructing the city's initiative to get the community vaccinated. De Blasio'd son, de Blaisia, is

Beckemberg's designs for de Blasio and Dante were choices made collectively, as they met to discuss the fabrics and the type of fit. The Blue velvet tuxedo in a paisley print was an elevated take on the classic sux. A Tomato colored jacket, Dante's looks fun, cool, and bold. though his past work is no indication, both de Blasios and he'll be on everyone' best dressed lists. The designer's previous work includes: Dawayne Wade, Will Smith, Dylon Burnside, Ethan Hawke and Woody McClain.

"I'm interested in dressing men who move culture, and the Mayor and Dante certainly do that. I wanted to get the sex of their efforts to celebrate the independent design culture with the style of the Beckemberg man," says Dreu Beckerg on why he decided to dress the Mayor.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as the American Council for Fashion Designers of America, moved the iconic fundraising gala from the first Monday of May to the 13th of September 2021, closing New York Fashion Week.

The CFDA invites new designers, and also invite many of the city's most popular designers to show this season, making September one of fashion't the biggest moments. See photos here.

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