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OKY announced a strategic alliance with Suzuki Guatemala

OKY announced a strategic alliance with Suzuki Guatemala

In partnership with Suzuki Guatemala, one of the country's leading companies, the official e-commerce platform has announced that it will begin a new ties to its platform to sell Suzuki products via OKY'. By adding Suzuki to the OKY network of over 100 leading brands, immigrants in the United States can buy Suzuki motorcycles in Guatemala through various payment options, such as cash, credit card or direct transfer from a bank account. This partnership also allows OKY users in the United States to give their loved ones greater mobility, thereby enabling new economic opportunities. The alliance came into effect on the 16th of July 2021.

The user must download the application and create a user account. They can buy directly through the application or go to one of the 1,380 points of sale in more than 250 cities in the United States and add funds with cash. Once the recipient of the digital voucher has received, they can present it to a salesperson at their nearest Suzuki branch and choose from more than 30 motorcycle models Suzuki Guatemala offers. The entire process is safe and immediate.

"As immigrants, we understand the needs of the region, the challenges they face and the kind of support that is needed from family or friends who are currently in the United States," said Vctor Unda CEO of OKY. "With this alliance, Guatemalans abroad can get access to one of the most popular and important motorcycle brands in Guatemala. This collaboration between OKY and Suzuki is unique. We can observe the positive impact of the application of technology as a tool to promote inclusion and provide broader quality of life for all," said he.

The alliance between OKY and Suzuki Guatemala allows immigrants to offer their parents, children or friends an indispensable work tool. This will help them to continue the path towards financial independence.

OKY is the only fintech platform designed to give immigrant communities the freedom to digitize cash and engage in cross-border e-commerce activities. Through OKY, users can send funds directly to family members in their home country to make purchases at participating retailers such as Suzuki.

By eliminating these barriers, a motorcycle company like Suzuki can now sell products to Guatemalans in the United States who don't have access to traditional financial instruments, making it shaming for immigrants and their families in this region

This alliance doesn't just add a global brand to OKY's network, but also aligns itself with the mission of providing the United States' immigrants broader resources with more appropriate and equitable financial solutions. Through OKY, users can continue to participate and contribute meaningfully to the lives of those they had to leave.

"Suzuki is one of the most popular motorcycle brands in Guatemala, and we are committed to the development and economic development of our communities. We are proud to be a part of OKY's network," said Ing. Balmory Leck, Suzuki Sales Manager in Guatemala. "The work and dedication of the immigrant community in the United States is admirable and we are confident that together with OKY, we can continue to support and have a positive impact on their country's economic development," he

OKY ABOUT OKJ, YES. OKY was launched in summer of 2020 for immigrants and by immigrants in the vision of helping underserved communities achieve financial equity and overcome common financial barriers through the use of technology. OKY achieves this by enabling users to make e-commerce transactions without the help of financial institutions. This impedes immigrants from attaining financial stability. Today, OKY users across the US and other countries access a marketplace that connects the Central American region with retail providers in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and some offers for Mxico. For more information, please visit the company's website,

ABOUT SUZUKI, CUCK I, UZK II,U. SUZUKI, with more than 50 years in the Guatemalan market, is currently the leader of a motorcycle in Guatemala. The largest inventory of parts and accessories in Central America is of its kind in the United States. Dedicated to building a global and productive organization for Guatemalans, to sell motorcycles and high-quality products with the best support, generate business opportunities through scouts of employees, trade agents and satisfied customers.

Media Contact Contact: OKY, Julio Ligorria, Jules Liguorii. [email protected]


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