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Demotech Affirms the Financial Stability Ratings of Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation and Light House Excalibur Insurance Company

Demotech Affirms the Financial Stability Ratings of Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation and Light House Excalibur Insurance Company

Financial Stability Ratings (FSR) of A, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Financial stability Rating (SSR), A (A), Financial Capital Markets, Inc. Available exception. Demotech, Inc. This level of FSR is assigned to companies who possess exceptional financial stability relating to maintaining positive surplus as regards policyholders, sufficient liquidity of invested assets, an acceptable level (L&LAE) and

According to the latest statutory financial statements, the founder and CEO of Demotech, Joe Petrelli, noted that "Additional information was considered to supplement Q2 2021 financial and operating results. We obtained information, through conversations and Upon the totality of our review of the June 30, 2021 operating results and actions of management, we issue an affirmation of financial stability rating. Considering the current understanding of corporate business models, and the recent impact of such efforts Any future affirmations require evidence of the impact of revisions on the company's financial stability.

Despite the frequency of natural disasters, the insurers meeting or exceeding Demotech's horizontal reinsurance requirements have adequately addressed the onslaught of events in a single storm season.

"Over the past two years, the industry has broken numerous records for extreme weather and hurricane season activity in the five states." After these major events, Lighthouse will continue to respond in 2021 to all of our policyholders. With additions of capital, significant rate action and broad exposure management, along with the continued support from Demotech's comprehensive rating methodology

Petrelli added, "Put in place in 2002, our rigorous horizontal catastrophe reinsurance requirements protected millions of property owners, insurers and the stakeholders of those insurer's in a countrywide manner. Although this type of Capital infusions can be used to backfill losses related to multiple carrier retention in a single season."


Demotech, Inc. is a financial analysis firm that works on the evaluation of regional and specialty insurers' financial stability. Demotech has been the first to review and rate independent regional and specialty insurers since 1985. The company has assigned accurate, reliable and proven Financial Stability Ratings for Property and Title Underwriters. FSRs provide an objective base for Demotech's consistently increasing list of accreditations and acceptances has resulted in a rating and review of more than 400 insurers operating in the USA. For more information, visit


Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation is an admitted property and casualty insurance company authorized to write in Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. Light House was founded in 2008 and is a licensed property & casualties company. Lighthouse acquired Excalibur National Insurance Company in 2019 and relaunched it as Light House Ex Californiabur Insurance Co. Light house inherited the company's own subsidiary. Lighthouse acquired Prepared Insurance Company in June 2020, which allowed the company to enter the state of Florida and expand its geographic footprint further. Lighthouse sells and distributes its policies through an exclusive network of licensed and independent professional agencies. Demotech, Inc. has received an annual Financial Stability Rating of A, Exceptional, for their financial stability.

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