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Pacific Mobile Structures chooses SIS Construct 365 solutions to Enhance Microsoft Dynamics 330 capabilities

Pacific Mobile Structures chooses SIS Construct 365 solutions to Enhance Microsoft Dynamics 330 capabilities

DULUTH, Ga., Sept. 14, 2021 -- SIS, LLC, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is pleased to announce its launch of ERP and CRM solutions for Contractors and Professional Service firms. The company is

Pacific Mobile Structures purchased the SIS Construct 365 project cost and the Conscript 73 project management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics XP. This cloud-based solution will help Pacific Mobile Structures continue its growth and give focus on efficiency and bottom-line performance. The SIS Construct 365 solutions allow Pacific Mobile Structures to manage project budgets, revisions and changes, subcontracts/reports etc.

Why did you decide on the SIS and their Construct 365 Project Cost Management solutions and Con construct 370 Project Management?

We chose SIS because of its Construct 365 Project Cost and Constru 370 Project Management modules, as well as the customer references we received about the honorable partner.

Kevin Aleshire - IT Director Kevin.

About Pacific Mobile Structures About the Pacific Ocean About Mobile structures About The Pacific Mobil Structure

Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc. provides real estate management services. The Company offers leases for mobile office space, builds modular structures, medical clinics, and relocatable classrooms. Pacific Mobile Structures serves customers in the United States. serves its customers.

About SIS, there is a problem with SM.

SIS has been successful in delivering Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions to project and service based companies for more than 20 years a year, relying on Microsoft Dynamics and SIL Construct 365 Industry IP. As ten years SIS has a full-scale development team focused on delivering transformative industry solutions. is based on its full scale development portfolio.

About SIS Construct 365: Project Cost Management: About the project!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Certified and available on Microsoft AppSource. With the ability to manage projects efficiently, provides detailed project management/Job Cost functionality. A modular software that manages project budgets, revisions

About SIS Construct 365: Project Management: About the CSB.

Construct365 is a comprehensive Project & Document Management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint technology in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

For more information on our Construct 365 solutions or to get a closer look at Microsoft Dynamics X, contact us at, [email protected], or call 1-888-844-659


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