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Hayden AI welcomes Bryan Shea as Vice President of Data Security and Privacy

Hayden AI welcomes Bryan Shea as Vice President of Data Security and Privacy

In SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14, 2021 -- Hayden AI Technologies, Inc., a leading smart city solutions provider, developed the world's first autonomous traffic management platform, today announced that she was appointed Vice President

Shea will lead and execute all cybersecurity efforts in her new role, including security frameworks, technology governance, data privacy and security, and incident response plans. He will oversee guidelines and procedures to ensure the compliance of all applicable laws, regulations and standards.

"We value our customers' trust in us and commit ourselves to protecting their sensitive data. Bryan is an intelligence officer with over a decade of experience across multiple domains, and is well positioned to take the lead," said Chris Carson, co-founder and CEO of Hayden AI. He'll build a team of cybersecurity professionals and spearhead our security and privacy initiatives to ensure that our products and customers' data remain safe and secure.

Shea worked at the Strategic Decision Support Center (SDSC) before joining Hayden AI. She served as the Chief Criminal Intelligence Analyst at Chicago's Police Department. Shea served as a Special Skills Officer-Targeting prior to that, helping counterterrorism intelligence operations. Shea led a team of analysts in an international financial institution and negotiated ten-year contract for CISF.

"We are undergoing a global re-ordering with symmetric warfare in the cyberspace. Hayden AI is emerging in this national and global context as a potential target of foreign espionage. Shea said that she needs to have a robust security program. "As a victim of identity theft, I've been scout in national privacy debates. I hope to use my expertise to help Hayden AI achieve a truly collaborative ethos. To advance forward-looking privacy policies, I need to spend ten years looking for re-imagining my privacy.

Shea has held several managerial positions, and is currently pursuing her bachelor in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, closely aligned with the National Initiative for Cyber Security Education (NICE). Shea works as an analyst for DeliverFund, a nonprofit intelligence organization fighting human trafficking in the country.

About Hayden AI Hayden AI was founded on the belief that by combining mobile sensors with artificial intelligence, governments can bridge the innovation gap while making traffic flow more efficient and less dangerous. With a team of experts in machine learning, data science, transportation, and government technology, we developed the world's first autonomous traffic management platform that is serving citizens and multi-agency missions simultaneously to help cities become safer and

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