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Inventors of biolayer interferometry technologies launch a next-gen platform and new biosensors and novel biometers

Inventors of biolayer interferometry technologies launch a next-gen platform and new biosensors and novel biometers

Gator Bio, Inc. announced today the launch of the GatorsPlus, a next generation biolayer interferometry instrument and two new biosensor products, GantTM Flex SA Kit and GATTM AAVX probe. The GatorPlus adds to the available GatorsPrime instrument, and the new GationTM Flex SA Kit and GatingTM AAVX probe expand the off-the-seller biosensor portfolio to 14 products for the North Gator Bio offers on demand custom biosensors for specific applications.

GatorPlus is a bench-top instrument for real-time label-free analysis of molecular interactions and quantitation in 96 or 384 mm microplates. The instrument has longer walk-away time and more automation than GatorPrime, the first Gators instrument launched in March 2019.

The GatorTM Flex SA Kit is the first reactivable streptavidin biosensor for BLI based on Gators' proprietary technology. It can be reused and reactivated more than 20 times without performance degradation, allowing significant cost savings for Gator system customers.

The GatorTM AAVX probe quantifys many serotypes of AVCs automatically in a few minutes, significantly simplifying AVA developers' workflow. The results obtained from the GatorTM AAVX probes are closely related to the gold standard method.

Gator Bio was founded by Dr. Hong Tan and Mr. Robert Zuk, the pioneers of biolayer interferometry. The company has focused on the development and commercialization of the next generation BLI that greatly increases performance and cost effectiveness of this simple yet powerful analytical technology.

Gator Bio offers a wide range of products, including the highly sensitive SMAP and the regenerable mouse Fc capture. The Gator systems and the associated biosensors provide an efficient kinetic analysis and concentration determination for the development of antibody and protein therapeutics.

"We saw problems and shortcomings with the original BLI technology, so we decided to return to close the gaps with new ways to achieve BIL", said Dr. Hong Tan, CEO of Gator Bio. "Our goal is to enable the most efficient and efficient BLI systems for scientists. "

Here, detailed information about the GatorTM Flex SA Kit and the GAAVX probes, and Gators Bio's complete product portfolio can be found. You can hear inventors talk about the technology and the Gator Bio vision.

About Gator Bio, Inc.

Gator Bio is a life sciences company that provides bioanalytical systems to accelerate the development of therapeutics and diagnostics. Gator Bio and its sister company ET Healthcare are part of Access Medical Systems. The Gator instrument and biosensors enable real-time analysis of biomolecular interactions. They provide information on affinity, kinetics, concentration and epitope binning, etc., Most importantly, Gators Bio' The company is based in Palo Alto, California, with facilities in Shanghai and Suzhou, China. For more information, please visit

Subodh Nimkar, Marketing Director [email protected] +1 650 575 827, Deputy Director of Marketing [Contact: SNDA].

Web site: LinkedIn.

SOURCE Gator Bio Bio, Source Gators.

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