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By Advanced Battery Concepts Today launched HOME EMERGENCY ENERGY STORAGE

By Advanced Battery Concepts Today launched HOME EMERGENCY ENERGY STORAGE

Advanced Battery Concepts introduces a HOME EMERGENCY ENERGY STORAGETM to address the growing need for safe, reliable and cost-effective emergency power needs of homeowners and small commercial businesses. The system, called "HEESTM" by company officials, relies on the innovative and patented GreenSeal batteries invented by Advanced Battery Concepts.

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The project mission statement stated that the company's focus on the Home Emergency Energy Storage system was to create a safe, reliable, quiet and touch-free back-up power solution. The company said that it was aimed at bringing

Edward Shaffer, founder and CEO of Advanced Battery Concepts said "We accomplished this in a relatively short period of time thanks to our entire team and using our low volume production line designed specifically to supply batteries for the micro-grid energy The University of Michigan's Ross Business School program assisted ABC in assessing and analyzing the energy industry. The multidisciplinary action projects (MAP) were based on the multiyear development conducted by ABC in conjunction with the 12 year development and the development of their unique bipolar battery and their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Clare

According to the University of Michigan study, the market for residential backup power in the United States will sell at $1.3 billion in 2021 - a $1.2 billion opportunity shared between three categories: generators, fuel cells and battery systems -- Market trends also indicated an increased demand for environmentally friendly technologies (e.g. battery-based and fuel-cell based) and the rise in "smart homes" and "modern homes", further driving more demand.

The Advanced Battery Concepts' HOME EMERGENCY ENERGY STORAGE system meets common customer needs including safety, reliability, cost, ease of installation, customer maintenance-free and self-sufficiency. The latter, self-sufficiency, is a stated anxiety over power loss identified in recent studies.

The HEESTM system requires about 8 square feet of space in the interior, preferably located near the main circuit box. Once the system is installed by an experienced and certified HEESTM electrician, the equipment is always "On". Storage is downstream from an in-bound electric inverter that can keep power stored till needed. When power is lost, the HEESTM system delivers electricity to the household, office or business, in the same way that it is the only way to restore the grid power. The system can provide up to 6kW and uses a storage reserve of 18 kWh to power critical loads. Run times can be up to two full days.

Batteries in the HOME EMERGENCY ENERGY STORAGE system carry a manufacturer's warranty for 10 years. In contrast to traditional storage batteries, the patented GreenSeal batteries feature bipolar construction. The innovative approach allows a lot more production efficiencies with less environmental impacts than traditional batteries. GreenSeal batteries weigh less, provide an excellent lifecycle performance, charge faster and last longer than lead storage batteries.

GreenSeal batteries aren't subtle. Not only does it deliver numerous benefits to the consumer, as an integral part of ABC's Home Emergency Energy Storage, but also to consumers.

The process itself exemplifies Advanced Battery Concepts' commitment to employ environmentally-friendly process with ethically sourced materials, as stated in the early stages of this project' mission.

"Our automated facility in Clare, Michigan isn't like any other battery plant," said Michael Everett, ABC's Chief Operating Officer. This isn't the traditional battery plant. This isn't like a battery factory. It is a complete assembly line where battery components are molded, snapped together, stacked, filled and sealed in opacific linear process," he added.

GreenSeal battery technology is not only the architecture and physical characteristics of the proprietary battery invention, it also includes a full complement of Greenseals manufacturing processes that enable the reliable and efficient production of advanced battery concepts patented Our GreenSeal battery manufacturing facility in Clare Michigan is an advanced proving ground for robust scale manufacturing processes that efficiently enables continuous production of our batteries. GreenSeal manufacturing is reliable, precise, clean and reduces the environmental impact of lead acid plants to levels impossible in traditional manufacturing plants. In the GreenSeal factory, the cost of capital and the expense of less energy, and an increased EH&S considerations have the hallmark of the company, says Mr. Everett.

The next step according to their CEO, Ed Shaffer is commercialization. Advanced Battery Concepts has the sustainability and recyclability commitments to become the foundations of their GreenSeal batteries and their Home Emergency Energy Storage System We realized that we needed safe and reliable backup power. We have that. We are taking the same measured and responsible steps we built upon during product development for the roll-out into the market. We will establish distribution within an initially limited geographic area so that we can verify the functions and features of this unique energy storage solution. We invested our time and resources in helping us to achieve this far. The early adopters of our HEESTM product will be very satisfied to have us as their backup," Shaffer said.

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The company has developed a vast portfolio of patents and trade secrets, and that profited its licensees with other customers. The name of the company is formerly known as the 'theorist', the inventor of GreenSeal technologies are available. This technology provides superior battery performance at lower production costs for traditional lead-acid batteries and also allows applications to other advanced chemistries.

With EverGreenSeal in the near future, Advanced Battery Concepts will look to change the energy storage industry again with its announcement of BatteryTech to greatly increase battery safety, sustainability and production on a global scale.

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