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CaixaBank helps with IBM Cloud for Financial Services; Onboards to New IBM Multizone Region in Spain

CaixaBank helps with IBM Cloud for Financial Services; Onboards to New IBM Multizone Region in Spain

IBM announced today its first IBM Cloud Multizone Region (MZR) in Spain, and a new agreement with CaixaBank, - specializing in financial services.

IBM has been the technology partner of CaixaBank for more than 50 years. Under this agreement, CaixaBank will launch its CloudNow project to accelerate business core applications, improve efficiency and strengthen its innovative vision of financial services with increased availability and resilience.

"IBM has become an indispensable partner in the development of CaixaBank's digital capabilities, not only because of its deep understanding of the financial sector' adversities, but also because it has enabled us to advance into This collaboration helped us to combine our current technologies with a new environment boosted by cloud and artificial intelligence. The new MZR is key to a new strategy, to give the 21 million customers the best user experience we can, while maintaining confidentiality and protection standards." Gonzalo Gortazar, CEO of CaixaBank said.

To help scale hybrid cloud adoption, IBM's new MZR is designed to allow European clients to deploy mission-critical workloads with high levels of security and address their data sovereignty and regulatory compliance requirements. IBM's expanded footprint indicates its continued investment to strengthen business growth in Europe and is expected to create hundreds of jobs in Spain. IBM continues to support the EU's efforts to build more trust in the digital economy.

IBM is proud to provide a technology platform to enable CaixaBank with the highest level of security and privacy. The hybrid cloud and AI solutions of IBM will help CaixaBank strengthen its business model and improve its customer experience. This partnership is a great example of our commitment to use technology to help businesses and societies thrive." Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, said.

The IBM Cloud for Financial Services incorporates built-in security and compliance controls to help companies reduce regulatory barriers that are blocking IT landscape and application modernization. With over 100 technology partners and FinTechs, this platform is designed to accelerate the transformation of financial institutions while addressing potential systemic industry risks across the supply chain.

Kyndryl, the new independent public company that will be formed following the separation of IBM's Managed Infrastructure Services business, will help CaixaBank integrate their new hybrid cloud model while IBM leverages IBM Global Business Services' deep industry

IBM MZRs are composed of three or more data centers, each of which is a single Availability Zone. This is designed so that failure events can affect only a single data center rather than all zones. Having consistent cloud services and greater resilience allows clients to run mission-critical workloads continuously. As they travel along the hybrid cloud journey, CaixaBank and other enterprises across Europe will access our security, automation, Red Hat capabilities, along with IBM's network, helping clients address their data sovereignty and compliance requirements.

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