This PC case with a built-in aquarium is a terrible idea

This PC case with a built-in aquarium is a terrible idea ...

Metalfish's Y2 fish tank chassis is an aluminum computer case with a built-in fish tank on the top that can accommodate micro-ATX or mini-ITX builds. It can accommodate two 2.5-inch hard drives as well as dual-slot video cards up to 200mm in length. CPU cooler height is limited to 90mm.

I'll be the first to state that the Y2 chassis looks good, but that's about all I'm willing to go.

One must also consider heat, despite the obvious dangers of unnecessarily removing water from your computer case. I'm no marine biologist, but I'm pretty certain that exposing fish to constant temperature fluctuations is not beneficial to their health.

Metalfish's first aquatic-themed chassis isn't exactly the same as the Fish Cube. It's also intended to house fish in the same enclosure as a PC, but places them side by side rather than top to bottom.

Metalfish was not the first to introduce an aquarium-themed computer case, for example, when Lian Li developed the PC-6010 ATX chassis with an optional $99 fish tank side panel over 20 years ago.

Lian Li's chassis was equally shaky in terms of risk, but it also relied on colorful plastic fish rather than the real thing. It also included a pump to circulate the fish, cold cathode lighting, and even plastic gravel to complete the look.

The majority of the specs for the Y2 are written in Chinese on brochure-style illustrations that are difficult to translate. It does appear to be powered by a Flex power supply and has RGB lighting as well as LED lights for the fish tank up top. There appears to be also a USB-powered pump / oxygenator and a remote control for the RGB lighting.

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