Mystikal was denied a bond amid a Rape and Felony Domestic Abuse charges

Mystikal was denied a bond amid a Rape and Felony Domestic Abuse charges ...

The rapper has been denied bail while awaiting trial for the alleged rape and strangulation of a woman at his Baton Rouge, Louisiana, residence. According to State District Judge Steven Tureau, the decision was largely due to the rapper being a registered sex offender with a history of sexual misconduct.

According to the Associated Press, Mystikal began acting erratically, taking her keys before strangling her and pulling her hair. Mystikal then apologized for his actions before asking the woman to pray with him. Following the incident, the victim sought medical treatment.

Roy Maughan Jr., the attorney for Mystikals, claimed innocence while denying that the rapper has the ability to commit such a horrific crime. Maughan said after the hearing that he and his client need to notify promoters and employees of his absence.

Mystikal was previously scheduled to take part in Master Ps' 25th Anniversary No Limit Tour, which will take place in Miami on Sept. 14, and a closing performance will be announced on September 16. The tour will also feature performances from Mia X, Fiend, Silkk The Shocker, and other artists.

Mystikal was convicted of rape in a 2004 incident and was released in 2010. Several years later, Mystikal was charged with another rape allegation in 2017, but the case was ultimately dropped in 2020 due to insufficient evidence.

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