Nicola Peltz takes a tearful selfie and criticizes those who make her feel bad

Nicola Peltz takes a tearful selfie and criticizes those who make her feel bad ...

Do you need more tears to shed?

Nicola Peltz posted a photo on Instagram Friday in which she appeared to be waving tears down her face.

The newlywed 27, wrote in the caption, saying that her parents had hammered it into me to not allow people to bring me down or hurt my heart.

Peltz is the daughter of billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz, 80, and his third wife, model Claudia Heffner Peltz, 67, who have eight children together.

The actress went on to state, although vaguely, the context behind the dismal snapshot.

We all have days when people make you feel bad and it's okay to be hurt by it, according to the author.

I just wanted to write something because I don't often express this side of me here. I wanted to express this side of myself. I want you to know that i see you, I hear you, and it means a lot to me, said the Transformers star.

Peltz, her husband of four months, was backed by many celebrities in the comments section.

xx I love you so much xx, Brooklyn Beckham, 23, wrote.

Selma Blair had nothing but kind words for the actress from Bates Motel, pening a heartfelt note.

Nicola, we chatted a lot many years ago, and of course I was moved. On your kindness. On your grace. I was weak and tired and older than your group, and you listened. For the rest of my life, I will consider you an angel child. In whatever mood or feeling you are under or in. Sending an embrace. sb, wrote the Cruel Intentions star, 50.

Paris Hilton has graciously expressed her gratitude to him.

On Thursday, Page Six exclusively revealed the rumored ongoing feud between Peltz and Victoria Beckham, 48.

The cause of the conflict is said to have begun in the lead-up to Victorias eldest son's soccer idol, David,'s billionaire heiress's wedding in April 2022.

A source close to the Beckhams revealed that of the alleged bad blood between Peltz and her iconic Spice Girls MIL, the Beckhams' in-laws could not stand each other and would not talk.

The preparation for the wedding was unimaginable, they said.

Peltz did not want the artist who was previously known as Posh Spice to be involved in her wedding planning, according to a source, saying she would not reveal anything to Victoria.

According to a source, this non-stop petty struggle appears to be causing a wedge between Brooklyn and his parents.

They haven't spoken with him much in the last few months.

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