Angelina Jolies is getting a constant stream of threats against Brad Pitt from her inside

Angelina Jolies is getting a constant stream of threats against Brad Pitt from her inside ...

Angelina Jolie shocked the world by pledging her divorce from Brad Pitt next month.

Despite being declared legally single in 2019, the couple has yet to reach an agreement on custody for their children, even as they enter college age.

According to one person familiar with the legal battle, Angelina is determined that Brad should never receive 50/50 custody. There are others who claim that she will not rest until the children are legally mature, so Brad will never get shared custody.

Angelina continues to harass Brad with every attempt at avenging themselves. She deliberately sold a portion of their vineyard to a buyer she knew he did not want, according to a friend of Pitt.

Pitt, 58, has been on the red carpet around the world recently as he prepares to release his latest film, Bullet Train, this weekend, but he appears to be unable to escape Jolie's long-distance.

Pitt, 58, claimed that Jolie, 47, purposely sought to inflict harm on him by selling her interests in the Chateau Miraval wine brand to Russian businessman Yuri Shefler, the founder of Stoli Vodka in June.

Pitt said the couple had agreed to never sell their respective stocks without the other's written permission. He also asked for a jury trial.

A Hollywood friend said the Correns vineyard estate is a family business and he is extremely proud of it. The vineyard and Miraval studios also make up the bulk of the revenue from the business, including a recording studio.

Angelina sold her share, which was contrary to their agreement, to a stranger they had both rejected before, according to a friend, as Pitt had previously rejected a purchase.

According to insiders, Jolie sent process servers to the SAG Awards in February in order to catch Pitt off-guard with a subpoena for Miraval issues at the event. (He did not attend.) Another example of Jolie trying to create a public scene to worsen the situation.

Jolie was said to have launched a desperate fishing expedition by suing the FBI under the name Jane Doe to find out more about the FBI's investigation into an alleged 2016 private jet altercation case involving Pitt and their son Maddox.

An anonymous message was received to authorities, triggering an FBI investigation, which closed on November 22, 2016, with no evidence of wrongdoing. Days later, Jolie filed for divorce.

Page Six is also told that, behind the scenes, things became tense earlier this year when Pitts' legal team believed that Jolies' attorneys attempted to get their court-approved child psychologist sanctioned by the California Attorney Generals office based on their perception that the doctor had sided with Pitt, claiming that he should have custody of the kids in 50/50.

According to a filing filed to the Superior Court of California and seen by Page Six, Psychologist Stan Katz, who talked to the Jolie-Pitt minor children in the custody case, is currently being investigated by the California Attorney Generals office.

Katz is unlikely to have received any complaints in his 30-year career. Jolie, according to a source close to Pitt, is said to be scathing.

Although another insider who knew about the issues had stated that Jolie had nothing to do with the investigation, one highly-placed legal insider told Page Six that only one or both of the parties involved in the case may file a complaint. Pitts' friend later said it was not the actor.

The Petitioner(Jolie) has filed a non-opposition petition, and the Respondent (Pitt) has taken no position, according to the filing.

Katz has declined to make a comment. We reached out to the Attorney General's office. The scope of the investigation isn't known, and it's unclear whether the investigation is still ongoing.

As Page Six reveals, Pitt was granted joint custody of his minor children in May 2021.

However, judge John Ouderkirk was later disqualified from the case for failing to adequately disclose business relationships with Pitts attorneys, causing the case to go back to square one, and the two exes are still fighting for custody.

Another source familiar with the case says everything is coming to a stop. Last year was a rollercoaster. Brad was given 50/50 custody in a lengthy, detailed judicial decision. Then the appellate court vacated the judgment based on something that had nothing to do with the case's substance.

In California, there was an internal dispute between the judges and private judges that had nothing to do with the custody arrangement. It was a technicality. It's unclear where things stand right now.

Despite Pitt's age, he isn't believed to be close to his oldest child, Maddox, who turned 21 on Friday.

The actor is able to see the other kids more often, but he still hasn't got enough money to cover it all. However, he's attempting to get through it.

Both Jolie and Pitts' reps were unavailable for comment.

Maddox is currently studying biochemistry at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, while Pax, 18, is expected to continue his education, while 17-year-old Zahara is set to attend Spelman College.

Zahara will be attending a historically Black college in Atlanta this autumn, according to Jolie in an Instagram post.

Zahara with her Spelman sisters! The actress captioned an image of her daughter surrounded by Spelman students.

Shiloh, a 16-year-old girl, showed off her hip-hop dance moves again in June in a now viral video set to premiere at Doja Cats Vegas.

At the Bullet Train premiere, Pitt joked about it: I dont know where she got it from. Im Mr. Two-Left-Feet here. He also said that Zaharas acceptance to college brings a tear to the eye.

As previously, Oscar winner Jolie shares 14-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox with him. He has previously been so protective of his children that he rarely talked about them.

Pitt has been on the lookout for Bullet Train, travelling to Paris, Berlin, and London over the last month.

The actor wore a skirt designed with Haans Nicolas Mott on the red carpet in Germany.

Pitt replied to Variety when asked why he wore the skirt; I dont know! Were all going to die, so let's make a mess of it.

Brad travels regularly, but this was his first major event in a few years, and he had a lot of fun with it, according to a Hollywood friend.

Pitt isn't currently dating anyone, according to the Hollywoodfriend. He's gone on dates over the past couple of years, but he's not currently dating anyone.

Pitt is instead spending time on his art, architecture, and spending time with friends. Babylon, starring Margot Robbie and Olivia Wilde, will premiere on Christmas Day.

He is in a good position, according to a Hollywood friend. He had a good break in Europe. He seems refreshed and relaxed.

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