After a decade of writing, Courtney Love announces she has completed her memoir

After a decade of writing, Courtney Love announces she has completed her memoir ...

Those who wait will receive good things.

Courtney Love surprised fans with some good news on Friday when she announced that she had finally completed the writing of her memoir after a decade of dragging my a.

The Girl with the Most Cake, the singer's upcoming book, was announced. She thanked her ghostwriter Alex Abramovich and publisher Harper Collins for their assistance.

After a fing DECADE of dragging my a, you may have just signed off on my book. She wrote on Instagram.

According to Love, a release date for the book remains elusive.

She wrote, Theres a (no kidding) very real power supply chain back up, so dont ask me when (The important thing is that it's good now.)

Love went on to detail what fans may expect from the memoir.

I seem to be 29 years old. She said she has the unusual pleasure of being at the right place at the right time (and sometimes way wrong!)

The frontwoman for The Hole said she rewritten sections of her memoir to include more personal information about her family, including her mother and her ridiculously glamorous grandmother.

Because its what people like, it's a different story. The truth is so much more enjoyable, richer, and more coherent. And there's also a lot of rags too!

The Girl with the Most Cake was scheduled to be released in 2013, but things went wrong for Love. In 2014, she called the project a disaster, and fans were forced to wait for its release.

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