Auto-Negligence Offset Filed by Auto Insurance Company

Auto-Negligence Offset Filed by Auto Insurance Company ...

Offset became well-known as a member of the Migos rap trio alongside Quavo's nephew Takeoff. Offset is a guy who loves the good things in life. However, a lawsuit was filed against the Migos member by an insurance company.

Offset has a bad reputation with automobiles. Bentley filed a nearly $1 million lawsuit against Offset earlier this year for a stolen automobile. Although the case was dismissed, Georgia might try again.

His misfortune also applies to other modes of transportation. Recently, he and Cardi B witnessed a yacht sink in front of their very eyes. Offset is currently involved in a separate automobile-related case.

In an almost two-year-old vehicle accident, Offset has been sued by an insurance company for auto-negligence. Silvestre Cruz Gutierrez, who was in her own vehicle and suffered serious injuries in the collision, was struck by the Migos member while she was driving in Encino, California.

Gutierrez is insured by Mercury Insurance Company, which claims that Offset was at fault for the collision. Additionally, they claim that the rapper was driving an uninsured 2018 Dodge Charger. Gutierrez and Maria Salina Lopez were struck as they were driving a 2019 Honda Civic.

The insurance policy described above-included collision coverage, insuring the Honda for damages sustained. They claimed that the Honda was damaged, destroyed, depreciated, diminished in value, necessitating repairs and towing charges in the sum of $10,605.73, and that the owners of the Honda were denied of the use of their respective vehicles due to their damage in the sum of $1,090.27.

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