Irv Gotti says her relationship with Ashtanti has aided her

Irv Gotti says her relationship with Ashtanti has aided her ...

Irv Gotti is one of hip hop's most influential moguls, and a TheMurder Inc. executivehas seen the business drop significantly. While there have been interviews regarding the previous relationship, it has been accepted as just another industry romance that didnt work out.

Irv Gotti and Ja Rules' participation onDrink Champsand has given us more surprises, this time with Ashanti.Irv went into his failed friendship with Ashanti, and hes giving up all of the details.

Irv answered, It helped her, then proceeded to repeat Ashtantis classic hits while explaining, So, Happy, let me explain how I helped her So, were together. Gotti then replied, I bought her mad s***, and Ja responded, knowing nothing about what was being said.

We just finished sleeping together, or whatever, Im taking a shower, you know, a n*gga be creative after [sex] Ill give you the quick story, you can see the whole story on the Murder Inc documentary I think of the whole track in the shower.

Gotti claims to have immediately gotten out, made a phone call, went to the studio, and started production. He then said, Ok, now it's time for you to write. Yo, I want the sh*t to be a feel-good joint, like summertime. He explained, The energy, that record came aboutbecause of our energy.

Noreaga asked Gotti if he missed that energy a little bit. Irv replied, No longer, stating, Twenty years ago when we stopped dating. At the time, Irv Gotti was reported to be legally married to his then-wife, but was separated when he began datingAshanti.

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