Felicia Taylor, a former CNN anchor, has been arrested on a hit-and-run charge

Felicia Taylor, a former CNN anchor, has been arrested on a hit-and-run charge ...

CNN's reporters are excellent, but they aren't immune to tragedies. One former anchor is having a terrible time, and this is a devastating one to report.

Felicia Taylor, a former anchor for CNN's news media business, was apprehended on July 28. She allegedly hit another vehicle while driving her white Mercedes.

Taylor, 57, hit the rear bumper of a black Ford immediately, according to a police report. The 24-year-old driver, who was driving the Ford, had his car positioned right in front of her Mercedes.

Taylors Mercedes was struck from behind by a white Mercedes. The impact caused [him] to strike the steering wheel, causing many complaints of injuries. The vehicle was seen fleeing the scene of the incident without rendering any assistance or stopping to provide information.

Taylor was placed under arrest by the Beach Police. According to their report, she fled the scene immediately. She did not try to determine whether anyone needed medical or other medical help, nor did she attempt to provide any information.

The former CNN anchor was later confronted by a police officer after she was pulled over. She feigned being nonchalant and acknowledged that she was in a collision. However, she said she wants to return home, and the accident wasn't a big deal.

Taylor admitted to being involved in a car accident while the other driver was fine. Taylor continued to state that she wanted to return to her house... and the accident was not a big deal. and when confronted that the Colony Hotel was closed, Taylor didnt receive a response.

This is a sad story, one that many people may learn from. Hopefully, the situation will be resolved, but Felicia Taylor will likely have to pay the consequences for her actions.

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