Wiz Khalifa Apologizes For Using Nightclub DJ's As An Anouncement

Wiz Khalifa Apologizes For Using Nightclub DJ's As An Anouncement ...

Wiz Khalifa is one of the most well-known musicians in the industry, well-known for his top-notch live performances. However, Wiz's performance was ruined due to an incorrect song order, which resulted in Khalifas outburst. Wiz Khalifa recently spoke with DJ Envy and Drama to apologize for the outrage over nightclub DJs.

Wiz Khalifa apologized for his slammed outburst towards two L.A.-based DJs inside a nightclub, and he admitted that he was off the hook. During a special edition Breakfast Club interview on Friday, DJ Envy interviewed Wiz alongside DJ Drama.

DJ Envy interviewed the rappers to represent all turntablists around the globe who may have been concerned about the prospect of their backup support being trashed by the famous rapper. Wiz, for one, claimed that he was not too big to apologize.

The Taylor Gang CEO said to apologize to anyone Ive offended with the least fuss over what happened from his perspective. However, when it came time to perform at WeHos club Poppy, the song order that his team had submitted prior to the time was all messed up.

Other songs that were not on the list aired at random throughout the performance. Wiz admitted that he lost his temper during his performance, but in the aftermath, he faced a lot of criticism from the DJ community, most notably Kid Capri, who organized the Breakfast Club meeting.

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