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The director of Coroflo Wins two Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

The director of Coroflo Wins two Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

The head of Dublin-based startup Coroflo was named twice in the Business Worldwide Magazine 2021 CEO Awards.

The awards seek to recognize and celebrate the most respected C-level executives across the globe, from diverse sectors. Instead of focusing on the company as a whole, the emphasis is on their bosses, using their stories to inspire others to achieve similar success. Rosanne Longmore won two categories: 'Growth Strategy CEO of the Year - Ireland' & / a runner-up CEO for the year Ireland.

Coroflo combines microtechnology and innovative medical research to improve the lives of mothers and babies. According to Coro, breast milk volume is measured so mothers can tell how much milk their baby gets, addressing one of the main reasons women stop breastfeeding sooner than planned, concerns about low supply.

The scientific research continues to show the significant benefits of breastfeeding. It is recommended that mothers breastfeed exclusively for six months, but globally less than 40% achieve this target.

The silicone nipple shield is a revolutionary product that solves the problem of deciding whether babies need to get enough milk. The microflow sensor lets mothers wear it like regular shields. The quantity of milk measured as a baby feeds, and the data can be tracked on mum's mobile phone by the app. Coro is the only product that can give accurate, accurate and real-time data.

Longmore said that the product's official launch in 2022 is a huge anticipation. "We are proud of the support and accolades we've received so far, but for us the real goal is to get Coro into the We want to empower women who breastfeed to do that."

On the company website, complete with the detailed information on Coroflo and its revolutionary breastfeeding monitor, and the full explanation, instruction and updated news, can be found in detail on the website. https://serios.oc/ .

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