Anne Heche Was Involved In A Horrific Car Crash

Anne Heche Was Involved In A Horrific Car Crash ...

Anne Heche was filmed flying through a residential area in her blue Mini Cooper late last night, causing a fire that was engulfed both the car and the home. Despite the fact that she was alive, first responders thought that she was fine, and she is expected to recover. The fact that she is in critical condition may be a clue that she was under the influence of alcohol or some other substance.

Anne Heche, a well-known actress, was reportedly involved in a tragic car accident late last night. Both the car she was driving and the house she had crashed into were destroyed. She is in critical condition with severe burns on her body and face. The audio heard in the video is the scene where she impacted the house in that area.

Anne Heche was first shown in the above video going through a residential neighborhood at high speed, where she tragically crashed into a house.

First responders on the scene assumed that the person who was driving the car would not be alive. She then appeared to flail about attempting to get off the gurney. She was then covered with a white cloth, which we can assume helps the victims' skin in some way. Heches' condition is currently hindering medical personnel from testing her blood alcohol content.

Anne Heche was apparently soiled as she was placed in the back of an ambulance, although there are no specifics regarding the severity of her burns, which we would assume to be quite severe as her condition is said to be critical. She is currently intubated, although we are hopeful that she will recover.

Anne Heche's current assumption is that she was not under the influence of alcohol, but her erratic behavior may be the basis for her mishaps. Even concerned citizens attempted to intervene and prevent her from driving, which does not help her case because she was under the influence of alcohol or another substance.

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