The Dog In Prey Doesn't Die (PSA)

The Dog In Prey Doesn't Die (PSA) ...

Prey, which is now streaming on Hulu, does not die. Please understand that this is a public service announcement. Personally, I spent the entirety of the movie in a state of low-level anxiety about the protagonists' very good doggo. Im just trying to spare others' pain.

The fifth installment in the Predatorfranchise,Prey, directed by Dan Trachtenberg, is a prequel to the first four films. Naru is a woman who wants to prove herself as a warrior and hunter to her tribe in the Northern Great Plains of North America, despite the expectation that, as a woman, she should only pursue her own business. However, she does have her trusty canine companion, Sarii, who is with her throughout the movie.

Sarii is far more than a good dog. Sarii is exceptional. When Naru rescues Sarii's tail from a bear trap, which was for me the most distressing moment of the film, she thanks her with a smile filled with doggy kisses.

But don't be surprised if Trachtenberg, who has a story by credit in addition to directed and screenwriter Patrick Aison, who saves Naru from an attack. The first time, the absolute best dogand disappears in the aftermath of the bear fight. But never fear, because you havent seen the last of this courageous canine. Sarii comes back, barking up a storm, to face off against the big, scary Predator alien. Later, during the final battle, that good, good

Naru and Sarii return to their communities as two triumphant winners who have just triumphed in the movie Alien. It's only appropriate that Sarii the dog completes the film.

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